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  1. Again thanks guys for your responses, I'm glad to see that it's not just me with these modern games lol! For a moment there I thought I was the only one (too old) for these newer games and somehow had entered in to the twilight zone of PC gaming Cheers to all! MikeG65
  2. Hello All, I need your recommendations for a good Joystick/or a GamePad that will allow me to play my old Games, I have several games spanning from Win10 all of the way back to Win95. My games are mostly Flight Simulator and First Person Shooter type games, I have a Logitech 3d Pro Joystick but honestly I'm afraid the learning curve is a little bit much too for me (as I am just a simple old gamer) I did check out the some of the latest controllers here: https://www.toptenselect.com/top-10-best-joysticks-flight-controllers-pc-gamers/ But knew I could here and ask real
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