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  1. I can confirm it happens on my end if MIDI music is on. I am forced to disable it, now the game no longer starts muted. I do miss MIDI music, but at least I can play the game with sounds. It used to work just fine on Win10 a good while ago, then this issue started out of nowhere. I wonder if a Win10 update messed something in regards to MIDI music, but other old games (Comanche Gold for instance) work with proper MIDI music on my end. I guess it's just how TAW works that the issue arises. @Home Fries I love TAW, I'd really like to update the launcher with the latest versions of dgVoodoo and nGlide. The given wrappers of the 2.30 release no longer work on my end, so I manually installed the latest dgVoodoo release.
  2. @mikew Thank you so much, the Python scripts work flawlessly. I had to update the raw_names_list.txt to get those ADF and RSO missions extracted. Here's the updated package, in case you might need it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/slf9tl2f35hktx7/adftaw_dat_extract_py3_7.zip?dl=0 More than 500 files are still without name from TAW, and more than 1,000 from ADF. But I got what I needed for the moment. I discovered some unused things, and I also extracted the quick combat mission from ADF. I wonder if it can work in TAW as it is, since it was used for ADF's arcade mode. I'll surely do some testing.
  3. That was quick! Thank you very much for the steadfast help, very kind of you! RSO missions have all been extracted already and are included in TAW 2.30; a few ADF training missions are out though, so I hope to get those extracted for use in TAW. I also wonder if we'll ever be able to hack the F22.dat executable of TAW, so that the Tour and Arcade modes from ADF could be "reactivated": https://taw.fandom.com/wiki/Category:.taw_Menu_Files Those .dat executables cannot be extracted, but there should be a way to find similarities and what not with ADF's F22.dat via hex editing, I guess.
  4. Thank you very much, mikew! I'll test it with ADF too. I know that Krusade extracted ADF missions, so it should work with ADF's .dat files as well, I think. Looking forward to the Python scripts! EDIT: indeed, it works with TAW only; basically it uses the .dat executable (renamed to .core extension) and a .txt file containing a list of files to extract (almost) everything accordingly. It seems your Python scripts will be useful for the matter. If you still have the originals in Python2, I might try them to see if they work. I'll have to install Python 2 though, I have 3 installed.
  5. Hi, everyone! I have been visiting this site as a guest for so long. I have always been interested in F-22 TAW, and recently I rediscovered it. I was wondering if someone still has got Krusade's Extractors for TAW's .dat files, mentioned here: https://taw.fandom.com/wiki/ADF/TAW_Architecture_and_Modding. I have been doing some modding to the original TAW 2.30, and I would like to investigate the original F-22 ADF and RSO files. I have already installed F-22 ADF + RSO on a virtual machine, and I have the .dat files ready to be extracted.
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