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  1. I just wondered if anyone is using this rather old Microsoft game using windows 10 64 bit, and a M S Prescision Pro or Sidewinder 2, joystick most other users have found since updating from Windows version 7 and 8 find the joystick no longer answers. I have tried everything I can think of without success, it answers key commands so it is not a compatibility problem although I have changed it to XP compatibility as well , and the joystick is recognized by the computer and you can calibrate all the functions. I have even bought USB nest which converts most joysticks from game port to USB and has 4 settings for the various types of joystick all to no avail..But I am sure some have said in the past they have no problems running this on windows 10 but I have forgotten where I read it ! , well if you read this please let me know just what you have that is different for example the driver as I think this is just about the only thing I could not change. very grateful for all replies or suggestions. Thanks Ken
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