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  1. hi! is it the case that it is impossible to get jane's f18 working on windows 10 64bit? i see that f-15 can work. I have at best gotten it partially working in dxwnd but it still will crash on some menus and i have to keep switching between foreground and background black boxes to may things responsive. i have tried into pcem, but pcem's capabilities are just that bit too low - it runs but at a poor frame rate, and freezes too if i try to remap controls if only something like EF2000reloaded was done for Janes' F/a-18
  2. is there still a link to this mod anywhere - i like the FA18 PSF series and would love to try out the mod too!
  3. thanks - for the reply, though what i am doing now is goign with a version of EF2000 that i bought from an ebay seller Allvideo who provides pre-packaged up versions of old games, set up to run in either dosbox or dosbox built windows 95 - i am going with that version, now, am running it trhough the Reloaded frontend, which lets me alter the resolution, though i am not sure i can get the new reloaded 3dfx. it would be the case that the missing simulator and campaign sections from the menu would be how the monster version of ef2000 was made yes? what i am prob going to do is just get a copy of EF2000 v2.0 for my collection when i can.
  4. okay i changed the memory in the conf to 64 now and the game runs, but where is the campaign? the only options on the screen are quick combat and credits and exit - i hope someone can help me also i did try first my ef2000 game in just normal dosbox, but it gives the error message of no pci-bus detected - what is this about and is there a fix for that in just now dosbox? looking on the cd, the readme tells me that my ef2000 version use 3d "This version uses the Monster 3D hardware to accelerate the graphics display" and thr instructions are there for running it from win 95, however the install and bat files and such seem to be dos based still so i am confused by this and the fact that i can play the quick combat section
  5. hi! i have just the no frills ef2000 cdrom - i installed the game with dosbox and then installed reloaded into a different folder and direct it to the ef2000.bat file - however the game doesnt run still- oi just keep getting the mesage in dosbox that only 29,736k bytes of memory found and more memory and/of free disk space needed - how do i make it recognise the extra space and memory, i have certainly enough space to run the game
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