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  1. Howdy folks, first time poster. I am an experienced real world pilot, no dog fighting though. I have 5500 hours or so of real flight experience and I am enjoying the minimal WW2 area within DCS World. It's minimal but enjoyable manipulating controls the real way one would in "real" life approximately. With that said I watched a good "latest" review of the best flight battle simulations out there. DCS was tops followed by War Thunder and then IL-2 and then a few others like RoF followed. I've played War Thunder and while it is fun to keep battling over and over and over on the hardest settings the sim offers I find that over time this is losing its interest for me. I love to manipulate controls, I like being accountable for cowl flap settings and overheating an engine in a climb etc. It seems IL-2 might supply that depth of realism for me...perhaps not, thus my community query. I appreciate any suggestions you can provide to sway me to purchase the stand alone version vs Steam. I forgot to mention I am a VR Oculus Rift S user and love the immersion for spotting landings, reference in ground effect, spotting bogeys etc. Thanks
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