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  1. We have two Facebook clubs One is a general EAW club European Air Wars Flight Sim Group The other is a specific club with download links UAW160 Downloads Just view the pages and apply to join Jel
  2. Framerate shows with Ctrl-G I only know my own JoyStick- Logitech Extreme 3D Pro
  3. What is your native language? Spitfire 1as have four guns on each wing. In 1.2 the bullets fly parallel. Gun convergence makes the bullets meet, maybe at 300 metres and gives a bigger impact. Many planes had wing mounted guns, the P47, P51 etc.
  4. I answered your other post just now, but I will add here that using Win 10 makes a difference to me. I have a system with various EAW installations on an internal drive, and a slot into which I plug a HDD which has the operating system on it. To play EAW I prefer to use Win 7 because when I use Win 10 the frame rate is much lower than in Win 10. I have more difficulty lining up in Win 10 than I do in Win 7, so It may be a frame rate issue 🙁
  5. Keep trying In the code-group series one of the early additions to 1.2 was gun convergence, and because of it a number of hit bubbles were modified. We tend to aim specifically at engines.
  6. I have been revising the folders containing the ready-made mission files, using names that relate to the theatres Spain Multiplayer Allied: Spain Axis: Mediterranean: All of the missions can be flown as enjoyable ground-started missions in real time. I will be checking the files in the other folders and modifying their names as appropriate. I get little feedback, but these files can be loaded for what is offline "host-only" multiplayer flying. To me that is far preferable than flying single missions because of the additional settings that are available. 😄 Jel
  7. One of the options in multiplayer is to allow re-spawn which was turned on in this host-only mission. At the time of the crash I was switching to F9 to get a screenie LOL
  8. Ray asked me to try the floatplanes in multiplayer. To do that I had to create a mission with appropriate seaplane bases using the MP mission making utility. I set up an intercept mission... .....with target and bases convenient for a groundstarted mission I saved the mission: The screen at GameRanger: Planes taking off Check the time at the start 7.54 am Contact Check the time at contact 8.00 am First kill a Mavis Second kill a Rufe [/img] It all worked well in real time
  9. There's some info at SimHQ about our small group still flying UAW160 online at GameRanger. UAW160 2020 Jel
  10. I do not need a glide wrapper on my desktop PC, but I use nGlide on my laptop to get horizon fog
  11. Screenies from the test. T The reason for the "terrible" rating is that as it was a test I aborted the mission before the bombers reached their target
  12. I just tried it, but the supplied exe was a new map version so the map screen was not good. I replaced the exe with an old map version and it ran with the correct career maps
  13. Try it and see. I cannot recall if the career files were included
  14. If we go back to theatres that were released with a genuine career structure then we have the default ETO, The original South Pacific Air War, and the Spanish Air War. The original Finnish Air War had a very complex career structure too, in a stand-alone installatiion covering three different wars with continually moving front-lines. I never flew a career in Desert Air War, but I know for certain that the DAW installation itself was dodgy. Some Allied planes were set as Axis. What I have been doing is adapting theatres so that they can be used in UAW160. Many theatres that were available from SandBagger's were complete botches. They used the default ETO target map and tilemaps, with different tiles, and with different target names and they were not worth using for UAW160. We made a later version of the Mediterranean theatre, with additional targets including raised deck carriers, but as soon as you add more targets to any theatre many of the target and airbase references in the career files are no longer accurate. When some of the current beta versions (such as IRAQ and Dunkirk) they may well have valid career structures. I have had no trouble flying UAW160 career missions in ETO, SPAW, and SAW, using a planeset as close to the original as possible.
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