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  1. Yes that's a common problem. I have also experienced this if a CAP route was to close to enemy terrain. I often modify the CAP patterns to provide best coverage of expected threat direction and a large area, dupercruising at around 50k ft with accelerated time. This provides best coverage especially from a base in the north. A pity that your wingmen can't rearm, albeit fuel appears to be unlimited for AI controlled A/C.
  2. Nice one for long range hopes. Dunno whether it has any real impact, but I occassionally fly AWACS Flight Kill missions, with the AWACS over Russian soil. Typically using a 8-12 A/C mission planner mission. Schedule for 50000 ft and max speed an supercruise around the defensive fighters. Let the escorts and co. play the bait and use your wingmen to do the killing of other A/C to get to the AWACS and take it down. For this, or if you doesn't want to take a direct route this is certainly useful. I suppose you must be very careful to not pass the edge of the theater map. Never tried it in the campaign, what's the mission rating? Worth a try.
  3. Use the System MFD as described on page 86 of the manual. The five buttons at the bottom of that MFD are used to cycle the firing mode and inc/dec the weapon quantity (ripple and salvo) and delay (ripple only). Your screenshot shows that the single firing mode is selected. If there are still two missiles fired with a single trigger event, your input device may errorneously be configured to generate two impulses. Maybe you have errorneously mapped "space bar" twice to your joystick trigger?
  4. Ripple or Salvo Firing Mode with a quantity greater than 1 set? These firing settings are globally applied IIRC and remain applicable if you select a different weapon.
  5. Next version of reloaded? So a repackaging to a new Dosbox-X? Could be an opportunity to add some documentation stuff as well. Maybe I can convert the "things you might not know about EF2000" thread stuff into a more readable format, possibly even with some screenshots. Alternatively I have considered writting a dedicated EF2000 Flight Manual some time ago, albeit I didn't proceed with it, thinking it isn't worth the effort and time. I may rethink that stance. Let me know what you think about it and whether it could be useful or not.
  6. So ALT+RETURN doesn't work for full screen? Have you tried the in sim config menu (^ key) where you can set Full Screen as well?
  7. Thanks. Some general gameplay stuff I didn't knew either, albeit many of them apparently make sense. Something I have witnessed in addition is, that if you drop your tanks as described under 1.) the tanks are gone, but you loose no fuel compared to the normal jettison procedure (SHIFT+J). Arguably it's of limited utility as it only works if you have no weapons loaded.
  8. Yes it was surprising to discover unknown features over the years over and over again. Dependent on which version of EF2000 you are using, you actually can toggle the auto cannon function on/off pressing SHIFT+G. There is an AC labelled status light on the left glareshield. If its lead blue the auto cannon is activated, if it's lid green it's deactivated. This is true for TACTCOM and all later versions based on it including Super EF2000 and EF2000 V2.0. It's not unavailable in the original EF2000 release though. Yes ASRAAM has a poor PK against approaching and crossing targets. It performs well if it manages to intercept the enemies tail position. This includes aircraft passing by at some separation performing a HOBS shot. It's said that if the closure rate is low the PK increases, but I haven't verified it. I typically try get a rear aspect shot, which works best.
  9. I interpreted your statement "as most ingame MFD buttons don't have a keyboard button associated...' as you being unaware of the moding. Only recognized retrospectively that you already figured it out. I'm not aware of such moding in F-22 TAW.
  10. Small correction. All MFD soft keys have a keybind. Simply select the MFD you like (num keys 1, 2 or 3) and then press and hold CTRL. You will now see that the soft key legends show alphabetic characters. Simply press the respective character on your keyboard. My recommendation would be that you assign the MFD SK to the left one on the top row and the HOR SK to the right one. Use the buttons 2-4 for MFD selection (NUM1/2/3) and then you can assign the remaining keys as they appear. You need to note the Characters and then assign CTRL+Character to your MFD button. Tbh I don't owe the Cougar MFDs, but I would expect it to work that way.
  11. I only know this when the game is launched, it starts in window mode. I move the cursor over the game window, make a left click and the cursor should subsequently appear as the small EF in the game window. I suppose the mouse was properly recognised within the configuration menu? I guess it should as the game shouldn't start, if the mouse isn't recognised.
  12. Sounds as if you are not in full screen? If so press ALT+RETURN. It might be necessary to move the mouse cursor first and click onto the window and then press ALT+RETURN.
  13. Nice read K. Was EF2k really that horrorbly programmed? Would have been great to see a steady evolution of the TFX series, instead of each part introducing new stuff, but loosing old stuff. A pity.
  14. Ground combat isn't simulated in the EF2000 environment. WARGEN holds account of ground units in its statistics, which is visible in the related txt file maintaining a record of the campaign. In the campaign there are no ground units in the 3D world as you have recognised already, except for ships and airdefenses. The tanks/vehicles in some scripted simulator and quick combat missions IIRC are only static targets. I think the revive tool allows you to at least swap aircraft types on airbases in the campaign, but that's it. IIRC there are no transports in the campaign either.
  15. Well that's the part I understood. Have you guys any recommendations wrt to programmes to open and edit the various extracted files, especially SSD and FAD types etc.?
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