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  1. Ground combat isn't simulated in the EF2000 environment. WARGEN holds account of ground units in its statistics, which is visible in the related txt file maintaining a record of the campaign. In the campaign there are no ground units in the 3D world as you have recognised already, except for ships and airdefenses. The tanks/vehicles in some scripted simulator and quick combat missions IIRC are only static targets. I think the revive tool allows you to at least swap aircraft types on airbases in the campaign, but that's it. IIRC there are no transports in the campaign either.
  2. Well that's the part I understood. Have you guys any recommendations wrt to programmes to open and edit the various extracted files, especially SSD and FAD types etc.?
  3. Looks amazing guys! ALbeit I barely understand what you are talking about.☺️
  4. Thanks for the hint DrKev. I'll check what I can find. It will certainly need some time though.
  5. Thanks, I'll take a look at it.
  6. I was more thinking sbout editing minor aspects of the simulation itself through some data edits. Basically what is possible without real programming.
  7. Looks like to B-2s in formation😉. Yes at lower resolutions it doesn't appear to be just a pixel, but for some reason it looks like one at hires. With the natural resolution of 640x400 you can easily spot those "dots" from around 10 nm or so. At 1920x1080 which is my screen's resolution I can hardly see an aircraft beyond 1 nm. At some contrasts a small black dot is visible occassionally at somewhat larger ranges, but even when dogfighting you only know where the enemy is through padlocking or because the TD box tells you where it is. I used the custom aircombat mode day time and good whet
  8. There's also an dynamic campaign for the F/A-18C out, haven't tried it though. There is certainly some room for dynamics already build in. But they have just started to work on an appropriate dynamic campaign engine last year or so. We'll see if, when and how it will work out.
  9. Yes a dynamic campaign is something that we have rarely seen since the 90s and if there was one the rest of the sim was rather mediocre. ED at least announced that they are working for a dynamic campaign engine for DCS World last year. We'll see when it will be ready and whether it meets expectations or not. The timing may coincide or not. That's apparently the last thing that DCS needs to become a really top notcg allround sim.
  10. Thanks for the info Mike. Well I have only recently played a bit with music for nostalgic reasons. Haven't played EF2000 with Music for 2 decades. But it's nothing that I need.
  11. Isn't the music the same with both options anyway, apart from the fact that with CD music there is no GUI background music? I wondered about this as well, though and it could be owed to the fact that a CD drive needs to be mounted in DosBox before you run the game in order to play music feom any CD in game. Maybe Mikew has an answer for this, but I'm don't have the impression that the CD drive is mounted in the default DosBox config shipped with EF2000 Reloaded.
  12. ED just announced in its news that a new development team based in Germany has taken on the challenge to produce a Eurofighter Typhoon module for DCS World. The development team called Tur Grit Virtual Technologies comprises a couple of former Luftwaffe Eurofighter pilots. Seems there are at least the right people involved. Hope they will succeed and not surrender as did VEAO in the past. Offical ED News Release Some early development screenshots Related sub-forum channel Let's hope the best. Maybe my good old DID EF2000 can finally rest in peace a
  13. Scorpion82

    Question for VR

    Hello Neph, I suppose you always have those double images or do they appear as one?
  14. That's the impression I have, yes. It appears to be there, but it's almost invisible or practially invisible under normal circumstances. I used the Custom Combat mode to verify viewing distances with the ever same setup, starting at 12 nm. Against clear skies you are lucky if you see a small dot at 3 nm or so, against any other background you are virtually blind. I particularly noted that issue with aircraft parked on the tarmac first. You can typically see a black dot from some distance which allows you to line up for a strafing run. At higher resolutions even these dots appear only very late
  15. Finally found the time to do some testing in AA & AG. It seems that the visibility is indeed resolution related. Best visibility of the accelerated version was indeed the natural resolution, also in fullscreen mode. The higher the resolution the worse the visibility of objects. I found that 1024 x 768 still offers a good drawing distance and looks ok from a graphic perspective. So it is my new choice.
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