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  1. Cool, keep up the good work. I just came across this by the way 😄:
  2. Mind..... blown.... 😮 Absolutely amazing work. Are those particle effects new ones or just altered original ones because they look amazing? Can't believe the Lambo never got released for EF2000. Could have been a Russian drug lord's car or something! Did you look at the TFX innards too? Just wondering if you stumbled across the legendary graffiti under the bridge? I spent ages looking for it in-game but never found it. Edit: regarding colour palettes, have you considered looking at the original TFX pallette? That was the best thing about the graphics in that game, flying in twilight with track 2 playing. EF2000 twilight came a close second IMO.
  3. Ah yes, stupid me. Thanks.
  4. Hi guys, does anyone have a link to the manual? I can't see one in the original post. Thanks.
  5. Just chipping in to say those screenshots look *incredible*. The colours are perfect (to my eyes).
  6. Ah, I see. That's fine. I have Super EF2000 too, just not installed.. 😄
  7. Hi there, this is a truly amazing bit of software. It is absolutely amazing what you have achieved!!! I am trying to get it running with an EF2000 installation. I don't have a "PROGRAM" folder and as a result I get this error when I start TFX Explorer. Any ideas? Thanks.
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