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  1. Amazing thoughts MikeW! I think SteamVR / openVR will be the way to go here. All VR headsets support SteamVR now, and it has a lot of support in general. I would go with that.
  2. Wow, that would be quite the undertaking. I know that TAW suffers from the same issue with ground vehicles but has some sort of smart scaling for air at least (to me it feels that way). I wanna also see if it is possible to make EF2K compatible with VR using direct3d or something, but not sure if the 3dfx supports depth. I mean it once was compatible with the VR headset of the 90s...
  3. Very interesting work Mike. I think Dosbox-x's implementation of Glide is buggy and this is not the fault of EF2K, right? How were you able to get it working so well for Reloaded? Also, I wonder if it would ever be possible to modify the model size for some sort of "smart scaling" like the Dos version does. The models for ground units are impossible to see, and I'm assuming it cannot be changed without changing the source code
  4. THANK YOU! How after all these years have I not even messed with this... Now I can actually start a campaign! Which campaigns do you recommend, and any advice?
  5. Hello, First off I'd like to thank the team that modernized TAW with all these skins and patches! I do have one question about how the campaign works, however, In EF2000, you can create and join any type of mission from the start. But it seems in F-22 that you have to slough through b*tch work before you can do the cool stuff. Everything, even some campaigns, are "DENIED" to me. Is there any way to skip that process somehow? It's very time-consuming.
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