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  1. I have copied all the code into the compiler ( 735k of lines 🤯) and tried to compile again. There's only 1265 errors. 😁
  2. Nervermind. It seems to be a dead end because I can't save with the decompiler.
  3. I decompiled the F22.DAT with the decompiler Snowman just for fun. Then I search for the keyword "bomb" an found the code. Can some of you actually programm C++? Maybe we can fix the CCIP long/short error and more. 😄 The decompiler can be downloaded here: https://derevenets.com
  4. Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately not. This post is about the Game Controller orders, which is for me already in the right order: vjoy as first, then joystick, throttle and at least rudder. I just want to know what the error message mean, so i can nail down the issue correctly. Any ideas?
  5. Hello Somehow, TAW won't work with vjoy. I have a X-56 Rhino Stick and Throttle. I'm trying to merge the Throttle and Stick into one device with vjoy. Everytime when I start the game after choosing a mission I receive this message: "Failed to set DirectInput AutoCenter Property Unknown error" When disabling vjoy, everything works fine but the throttle is not recognize as an axis. What does it mean?
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