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  1. Tried again, starting the game from the copy/pasted folder with the installed game: the games crashes after selecting the pilot, and unfortunately no f22.$$$ is created (I have tried several times) at C:\ or anywhere else. I really don't know what else to do, should I somehow get a still functioning very old pc to play this game?
  2. Yeah it is "combattimento rapido" but still the the issue is present in any other part of the game 🤷‍♂️ I have tried playing around with the virtual machine settings, lowering the usage cap of the allocated processors and tinkering with some "acceleration" settings in the virtual machine (which I don't know what they actually do) but nope, at most I managed to slow down the entire virtual system and the game (making it a bit buggy) but still the time was accelerated. The weird thing is that only the game is accelarated, while sound play out normally as you can see from the video! Any other suggestion? Or someone that have already encountered this weird issue?
  3. Thanks for the reply! It seems that every 1 second in real life time is equal to 5 seconds in game. HERE is a video of it uploaded on youtube.
  4. Yes! That worked, thanks. But is there a way to play it with music enabled? Not that is super important, but it would be nice to have it. Also, while playing the game seems "accelerated", like that the jet simply move much faster than I remembered when I last played it years ago, and also turns much more quickly and missles and rockets seems to fly much faster. Is it normal?
  5. Hi! I own an original CD copy of a F-22 Air Dominance Fighter, bought it new a month ago and the CD is in perfect conditions. Since the installation only run on 32bit OS, I have installed a virtual machine with a 32bit Windows XP on my desktop PC, run the installation process, which completed with no errors, and then run the game: after a few seconds the game freezes completely with the background music stuck and freezed. I have uploaded a video on youtube that show entire process, from the fresh installation to the freeze of the game, HERE (NOTE: the game and the language of my desktop PC is italian because I'm from Italy) How can I solve this? Any help is appriaciated! p.s. I have already tried to copy and paste the DID folder after installing and putting it on my desktop PC, but when i run the f22.exe nothing happen.
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