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  1. Hello Thank you for your help In the MFD System I changed the number of shots but it did not change anything I used the space bar instead of the trigger and it works! 😃 I reinstalled my joystick driver but it doesn't change anything (I use JoytoKey to configure my joystick)
  2. I thought it was a parameter managing the number of missiles. But I searched in the F22 manual and I didn't find how to do it.
  3. Hello I have just taken out my old F22 ADF. When I shoot an AIM9X sometimes I have 2 missiles that go off at the same time. Do you know why? Thanks
  4. when I put the cursor for the speed at the minimum on my joystick, I do not go below 50% on the HUD You mean it is impossible to go below 50%?
  5. Hello On F22 TAW Release I have a speed problem. I can't go below 50%. But if I let the plane fly at 50% the speed goes down until I crash. I use a Thrustmaster Stick X joystick and I don't have this problem on DCS World and Ace Combat. Can you help me? Thanks
  6. The problem seems to be solved for the HUD by changing the options. But I have this message that appears and blocks the game Can you help me please?
  7. When I was playing ADF, I also preferred the Quick Combat. Too bad there was no option to save the game in progress! And it's a pity that the Quick Combat is not present in F-22 Total Air War 2.30 (Final) Released
  8. Hello I just installed F22 ADF from a ZIP file found on the net. The game seems to work but the HUD is very small and unreadable. How to enlarge the HUD? Thanks for your help and sorry for my English!
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