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  1. I ordered my system in November and it arrived end of February. Nightmare components-wise.
  2. Still blown away by the immersion factor of this. Found myself today on an online Syria server doing three back-to-back missions … the first two nailing enemy radar sites on the coast and the third going air-to-air against inbound Migs taking a pop at Beirut. While detail is not as great as a 4K screen two feet from your face, the immersion is totally off the scale. Frame rates are great for me too. It feels the equivalent of a steady 60fps in 2D. Incidentally, I went back to 2d to see what it was like and getting into the cockpit I stayed there for 10 seconds then … back to VR. On the downside, VR can be quite temperamental, you have to go through a particular dance on start up (keep head still during loading, close your eyes during the last stage of loading 3D or else the bonkers refresh rate will drive you mad) but once you are properly in the cockpit nothing beats it. So the dance is nothing to me (well, I started in Falcon 4.0 😂). ED are promising significant performance improvements this year to further improve the VR experience - improvements that will boost general performance too. BTW, here is an interesting piece I read today: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/40620/a-10-warthog-pilots-are-using-the-digital-combat-simulator-video-game-to-train-in-vr Edit: these are the things I did to ensure VR worked great for me: I use “release” WMR and latest SteamVR ‘beta’. I make sure the G2 is plugged into an add-on PCI-e 3.0 slot using the enclosed adapter that comes with the G2. Also updaded my X570 board to latest Asus BIOS, set the PCI-e slot to Gen 3 in BIOS and run REBAR. Been very, very stable in MP servers for me (and those can expose “flakiness”.
  3. Luckily I don’t get motion sickness but I have to admit a low high speed flypast through the tight valleys of Syria made me slightly disorientated!
  4. Well this week I experienced my first taste of VR. Was offered a Reverb G2 on the DCS forum for a good price, and, well let’s just say after a couple of beers, I grabbed it! Immediately thought “oh no, I love my 40” 4K monitor”. Everyone said it transformed flight simulation and I thought “, yeah, yeah”. Anyway, the unit arrived super quickly from Jon and it was as if the unit was new. Everything perfectly wrapped even the lenses still had their blue protective films on them. Lightly used I only got to open it yesterday because of work. I was somewhat dreading the WMR and SteamVR dance - and after reading all the tips threads I felt thoroughly confused. Well I dived into the rabbit hole, got everything installed and - with somewhat trepidation - I fired up DCS unaware what to expect and fearing disappointment. I landed into a hanger with a Mig-29 and the familiar sight of the DCS interface. Jumped into one of my pre-made missions, in the Hornet, and during the loading screen the VR screens jittered and freaked at some insane refresh rate that drove my head bonkers. I closed my eyes hoping for the best. Ten seconds past and my eyes opened. I was in the cockpit. I LITERALLLY LOST A BREATH! Holy sh1t. Been flight simming since Flight Simulator on the ZX81 and this was the most impressive thing I have ever seen in gaming. I was there. Everything is around me. Detail not like a 4K screen but my God, it is the fourth dimension! The tesseract from Interstellar! But what would others think of it? Well, I gave my fiancée a go - someone who has never experienced it before either - and her reaction summed up mine 😎
  5. Landed in the world of VR…bought this off someone in the UK for a good price “as new” …. Cannot wait to try it out later this week.
  6. The problem is now I get so distracted I'm more likely to be shot down!
  7. Honestly, the clouds are visually incredible.
  8. Interesting! I remember when we implemented clouds in the alpha Falcon: Allied Force they were just billboards - but felt totally amazing at the time. Cannot wait to see how the weather systems will be implemented this year / next year in DCS. What setting do you run the clouds on? They seem detailed to me on ultra but perhaps they could be crisper! I’ll try not to look too deeply!
  9. .. courtesy DCS World.
  10. Totally bonkers - hopefully the new mining blocks will make the cards more accessible soon.
  11. Ah ... not not at the moment, it's just visual. Yes the 3090 are jut nowhere at the moment...lucky I ordered mine in November!
  12. Woke up ridiculously early this morning with hayfever and so to kill some time decided to spend it in the Glorious Clouds -- this time in the Hornet Promise captions next time!
  13. Thank you! Yes have to confess this is an amazing system - has to last me five years! The new clouds are remarkably unfussy when it comes to hardware....you might have to turn down from “ultra” on my video to say standard but they will still be very good. They have done a superb job with implementation. Desktop to cockpit is very quick...30 seconds maybe for an “instant action” flight.
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