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  1. I can confirm, the problem is not only with earphones but also with internal speakers, choosing an alternative soundtrack and avoiding the original midi one solves the problem.
  2. Ok for those interested, this is the app, it is very quick to make a shortcut in order to unmute all apps, I did this and the associated a shortucut key to it CTRL+ALT+1 for example. https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/sound_volume_view.html Command is "SoundVolumeView.exe /Unmute AllAppVolume And I confirm it works if I go back to desktop. Problem is as said above, it seems in win 8.1 I can launch the shortcut only in desktop, once i am focused on the application (in this case F22) the shortcut is not working, and if I switch back to desktop while in game I can t resume the game, so the problem is not solved. I read your post but I don't understand your solution to make the shortcut work while in game, could you explain? Or does it exist another way to make the shortcut keys work also while in-game? Maybe we can sort this problem out
  3. Hi, I came across a strange issue, If I plug my earphones, the application starts with volume muted (only with eaaphones), I can of course switch to desktop and unmute but when ingame if I switch to desktop I can't go back ingame. I tried using external programs to unmute and assigning a shotcut, but unfortunately shortcuts are not working in app. Maybe there is an issue with the exe, automatically muting volume in earphones everytime it starts? I m using win8.1
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