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  1. Here's the "ef2000.tmc" script: Some infos: I've added three more buttons: an automatic chaff/flare program on LMFD-SYMU (just to test the programming of it; I never use it though) an "engage" and "disengage" button for my wingman on LMFD-BRTU/D When you en-/disable radar or ECM, you tell your wingman to do that too (which is really handy!) there is one problem though: I don't know of an (automatic) way to "reset" this state meaning if you for instance end the mission with radar off, you'll start with radar on in the
  2. Gotcha; English isn't my native language, so I might have phrased it not correctly. I fear as much 😭 But that doesn't collapse, right? Anyway, I'll do that then and... you're welcome 🙂 -> edit: ah, but it does collapse it on longer quotes; nifty! Tbh, all thanks need to go to the people that bring back these wonderful games; kudos to all of you!
  3. Whom is this directed to, exactly? Because I already have my 3 MFDs working perfectly, I just wanted to share my Target Script for someone else interested, but the forum won't let my upload anything other then pictures... And I don't see any option to put a "spoiler" marker, so that this thread doesn't get cluttered too much when I post it directly 🙂 Thanks for trying to help though 😉 What I do still need to know: do you know of any way to do that in the game "F22 TAW"? I haven't found anything yet 😪
  4. btw: I don't know if any would be interested, but I'd like to upload the Target Script; though it'll only let me do images 😞
  5. Well, even if it would be possible to let Dosbox do the USB-DirectX-Button-xyz to Keyboard-Button conversion, you still need to set the "view port" to the respective MFD, as most ingame MFD buttons don't have a keyboard button associated... I'm running at 3440x1440 (21:9), so that might be the problem... but I think I did try 1080p, especially because I cannot see targets really well. That's a real problem for ground targets, as I practically have to touch them with my nose to see 'em 🙂
  6. In EF2000 (Reloaded) one can control the MFDs via keyboard-shortcuts (Ctrl + [a-q]). But for the life of me I cannot find any such thing in this game? Does anyone know of any "hidden" keys for that or does someone know how this could be accomplished? Thank You! dlder
  7. I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU! This was and is my #1 favorite FlightSimLite and now I can play it again; whenever! And I don't wanna promote my channel or something, I just wanted you guys and all visitors to know: you can play this old DOS game not only in 3dfx and with TrackIR, but also with Thrustmaster's Cougar MFDs! https://youtu.be/-kzAoXyqA1k And it's about as awesome as that sounds 🙂 Although some scripting was necessary... actually, quite a lot of tinkering tbh, because this is about what has to happen when pressing a MFD key (
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