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  1. Well, hello to any and all of you! 🙂 I've never played TAW "back in the day"; I was quite happily stuck with EF2000^^ So it's even better, now that I have a proper HOTAS and everything, and those people that made EF2000 and F22 playable on todays OS's deserve every thanks and appreciation!! Kudos to you! @Polak: I'm totally with you on why these DiD flight-sim-light games are about the best that ever existed. It's the ease of use without being arcade that made them so ... well, awesome. And the hope that someday a modern version of such games might get released, is unfortunately nonexistent. There just isn't a big enough market for it. Those that don't wanna "learn" the real flightsims like DCS & Falcon4 are gladly playing arcade games like HAWX and Ace Combat; which can be quite a bit of fun for a little while. Which leaves us; the mid-level enthusiasts, that either don't have the time, or patience to actually learn a real sim. I will give these another go, as I'm just too fond of modern flight sims and good graphics (shame that DCS doesn't offer a dynamic campaign) but I'm not really optimistic I'll be able to learn them this time around^^ cheers!
  2. Thank you!! Then that's what I'm gonna do next 🙂
  3. Just delete the folder; I don't think there are reg changes...
  4. Hm... I've tried to learn Falcon 4 some years ago but I never really managed it; do you maybe have a good tutorial series for beginners? I've thought I'd learn DCS, but I've heard from several people, that only Falcon 4/bms has a "real" campaign. And I also heard, that BMS tries way too hard to be realistic; in a un-fun way, sacraficing gameplay & fun for realism: what's your take on that and should I play Falcon 4 or do you still recommend BMS? Thanks! PS: sorry for OT^^
  5. Is it possible with an editor to do that? thx!
  6. "Auto" cycles most always works; if not, you'll need to find the best values for yourself ingame via the keys as @Scorpion82 mentioned.
  7. Sorry, but no, I didn't try. But I don't know why software rendering shouldn't work... Glide probably won't.
  8. I'm currently on the "Leadership" part, the mission is called "Pickle". There is a TON of AA and AAA and while my WMs are able to destroy some, a lot of the ground targets remain. I'm using the ground to mask myself after letting the AA shoot missiles at me, so I'll be able to destroy them with cannons, but my question for this mission essentially is: what do I have to destroy? Maybe someone can point me to a video? That would be most helpful!
  9. Here's the "ef2000.tmc" script: Some infos: I've added three more buttons: an automatic chaff/flare program on LMFD-SYMU (just to test the programming of it; I never use it though) an "engage" and "disengage" button for my wingman on LMFD-BRTU/D When you en-/disable radar or ECM, you tell your wingman to do that too (which is really handy!) there is one problem though: I don't know of an (automatic) way to "reset" this state meaning if you for instance end the mission with radar off, you'll start with radar on in the next mission; as per default but when you want to disable the radar (because AWACS is available), you'll tell your wingman to switch radar on, because "script wise", this is the next step in the sequence... Going back to the VFX1 view rarely hangs on the "reset view" phase; that's why I still have button on my HOTAS bound to Alt+F1 (maybe I should try it without resetting to F1 again, but that doesn't work 100% either...) Cheers!
  10. Gotcha; English isn't my native language, so I might have phrased it not correctly. I fear as much 😭 But that doesn't collapse, right? Anyway, I'll do that then and... you're welcome 🙂 -> edit: ah, but it does collapse it on longer quotes; nifty! Tbh, all thanks need to go to the people that bring back these wonderful games; kudos to all of you!
  11. Whom is this directed to, exactly? Because I already have my 3 MFDs working perfectly, I just wanted to share my Target Script for someone else interested, but the forum won't let my upload anything other then pictures... And I don't see any option to put a "spoiler" marker, so that this thread doesn't get cluttered too much when I post it directly 🙂 Thanks for trying to help though 😉 What I do still need to know: do you know of any way to do that in the game "F22 TAW"? I haven't found anything yet 😪
  12. btw: I don't know if any would be interested, but I'd like to upload the Target Script; though it'll only let me do images 😞
  13. Well, even if it would be possible to let Dosbox do the USB-DirectX-Button-xyz to Keyboard-Button conversion, you still need to set the "view port" to the respective MFD, as most ingame MFD buttons don't have a keyboard button associated... I'm running at 3440x1440 (21:9), so that might be the problem... but I think I did try 1080p, especially because I cannot see targets really well. That's a real problem for ground targets, as I practically have to touch them with my nose to see 'em 🙂
  14. In EF2000 (Reloaded) one can control the MFDs via keyboard-shortcuts (Ctrl + [a-q]). But for the life of me I cannot find any such thing in this game? Does anyone know of any "hidden" keys for that or does someone know how this could be accomplished? Thank You! dlder
  15. I just wanted to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU! This was and is my #1 favorite FlightSimLite and now I can play it again; whenever! And I don't wanna promote my channel or something, I just wanted you guys and all visitors to know: you can play this old DOS game not only in 3dfx and with TrackIR, but also with Thrustmaster's Cougar MFDs! https://youtu.be/-kzAoXyqA1k And it's about as awesome as that sounds 🙂 Although some scripting was necessary... actually, quite a lot of tinkering tbh, because this is about what has to happen when pressing a MFD key (if there is no real keyboard button): reset view (to get to a "known" point) go to the respective MFD hold down Ctrl press the needed button release Ctrol reset view (needed, as often going directly into TrackIR/vfx1 view won't work) vfx1 view It's quite a wonder it works so well, but it doesn't work 100% unfortunately... Cheers, dlder
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