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  1. -Using RAMDisk with EF2000 and dosbox at the same time to improve performance? You can, and it works. I got a couple more FPS out of Ef2000 using a free ramdisk utility called DataRAM which is free for under 1GB which is fine because ef2000 and dosbox are under 60mb. I was actually dubious if ramdisk stuff would work as I saw videos in linus tech tips about hard drive speed doesn't affect fps in games. since its free, i'm not complaining. And yes, if anyone is wondering, my laptop came off the assembly line in 2011. I may upgrade someday, but I keep finding wonky workarounds. Like
  2. if your wing is blown off, land at an allied airport. they will 're-calibrate' your joystick for you so you don't have to tilt it anymore. but the wing will still be damaged. I haven't tested the full repair over a longer period of time or if this is even a bug.
  3. yo, I totally forgot ALT+F12. I think its undocumented. the core engine goes 10x faster. so if you layer shift+T with ALT+F12, you can fly across the map in 60 sec.
  4. thx for confirming its a multiple scaling issue. i was starting to feel like ef2000 doesn't like just me :d the bad thing is, using extra shaders tends to slow things down (at least in my testing) so i set mine to none. I absolutely love 64 bit, everything loads faster and the 20% boost in fps doesn't hurt either! Maybe we can even port the SDL cd music sound stuff. (i really thought I could find a port that worked for ef2000, but it must use an outdated format, like compressed OGG in SDL 1.0 or something. I wonder if output directx 11 is faster than opengl?
  5. here's my screenshot of 3dfx in reloaded. there must be something else going on because the youtube videos don't have this problem. the ECE port doesn't have this tearing but its a small window inside dosbox window. Additionally, I am hoping we can get a 64 bit port of 3dfx working in dosbox. 64 bit seems to run a lot faster.
  6. i tried every conf config. nothing changes the 3dfx render window in ECE . it's like its hard coded to be a window ui in dosbox(even in fullscreen dosbox mode). i am using dosbox staging right now as its a lot cleaner when upscaling software to opengl than reloaded. i.e. the text and images aren't torn. it looks more bicubic filtering and runs a lot a faster in 64 bit mode! i'm still super happy I went researching into all this to find a 64 bit dosbox build.
  7. -EF2000 inside various DOSbox ports This thread is for other ports of dosbox that still support EF2000. This also started because I was trying to find a SDL music port to get my music cd to play. EF2000 is very picky about its native music cue file. nothing yet works that I can find for music. I can confirm that DosBox staging works great and really fast in non-3d mode. (about 20% faster than the reloaded one) https://dosbox-staging.github.io/about/ Dosbox ECE also works with 3dfx but I can't get the window fullscreen (a bug)? Th
  8. i tried several dosbox ports that support SDL. no go but VLC can play the cue files so they should work. only other thing i can think of is the cue format itself.
  9. i see! thanks a million! both manuals didn't say use left side glare shield to see auto cannon status (AG).(unless I missed it). you made the game a lot better! I didn't know you could use IRST for passive radar shots. is that even in the manual? lol! a few more fun thoughts. have you ever shot the refueler while refueling with cannon? it blows up but you are still stuck to an invisible tanker and get unlimited fuel. you can land in enemy bases. to keep from getting shot by them(most of the time), roll off runway into the grass. most missiles miss you if you put
  10. wow, you gone some goodies in there. it's too bad you can't turn off auto-cannon afaik, so I always lead just behind targets. in quick combat missions, the neutrals don't go after you, so its free points! you can lurk in them like campaigns to get really high scores. I got above 10,000 points in Top gun difficulty in just level 1 doing the lurking manuever! (and landing 10x) to get tons of missiles. LRAAM doesn't like minimum ranges below 20 miles so save them for longer distances. (a bug?) ASRAAM doesn't like head on shots so wait until they start turning.
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