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  1. I found some on ebay... but their asking for 29.99 or more for a USED copy.... I can't see my self spending that type of money for a game... the search shall continue. Until Next time Adam
  2. I will search.. but so far i havent found anything
  3. Hello All... I have had WWII Fighters for Many years... and the disc obviously have been around the block a few times.. well from my last move I managed to destroy one of my discs... I would LOVE to play this game again on my new computer but since the disc is destroyed. I was hoping if one of you fellow members could help me out by making me a new copy of the discs... or leading me to a store to buy a new one.. I have yet to come across this game ANYWHERE.... If one of you could help me I will pay you/ or send you two New cds to make a copy.... let me know if there is anyway you could help
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