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  1. Slew the target box square on the TIALD (Thermal Imaging and Laser Designation) to a new nearby target for your laser guided GBU-12 just after the last bomb you dropped hits the first target. All you need to do is slew the target box (Shift + arrow key). TRK and LAS will stay active (yellow) on your MFD as long as you activated them for your first target.
  2. What a great game. I discovered a strategy that works great for bombing airfields: Load up with 3 GBU12 bombs. When you are within range, lock on your target and lase with your TLD Drop each bomb in succession with about 3 seconds between drops, drop the last bomb just before you pass over your target. The last bomb you dropped will hit first. As soon as it hits, slew the TLD to a different closeby target. Just after the second bomb hits, slew to a third target. You can reliably take out up to 3 targets in one pass over the target zone. The Mad Bomber
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