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  1. Merry Christmas again!
  2. Try this for a bit different: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlsJD8RlhbI
  3. Bastard. I stayed away from the dentist for years after seeing that film.
  4. "Nash Metropolitan". Sounds like something to do with dentistry in a city.Where's Stans when you need him?
  5. Stag


    I often wonder how those given exemption from the draft who protested because it was fashionable, who spat on Your Vets as they came home, feel today? Vietnam was perhaps a war that the US shouldn't have got involved in, but it wasn't the fault of the normal soldiers that they were there. They didn't deserve the demonisation they received. S!
  6. Good read OG, as always.
  7. Stag

    73 Squadron

    Been to Norfolk for a week and a bit. Now here's the odd thing; If I'm not logged in, I can see the 73 Squadron forum. Using the password I can even access it. But as soon as I log on as Stag, it mysteriously disappears...
  8. Oops! A bit late from me, but thanks gentlemen.
  9. The rig I currently have: AMD FX4100, 16 gig, NVIDIA GTX 560 Ti (1 Gig). It ran well on my previous rig which was a slightly lesser processor (dual core) and GTX 260 (1 Gig), plus it can be picked up for bargain bin prices; when it was launched, let's just say it had "Issues"...
  10. Well Pieter, if you have a fairly recently upgraded rig (last two years), you can get the same result as on the vid which had nine bombers and six hurris. not tried to put 100 plus bandits on the table yet mate. Having said that, just vs. nine, it's fairly intense.
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