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  1. Hello all. I recently found my copy of Apache Havoc, so installed it just fine. The game started up ok, but when I came to actually flying I got very bad FPS. So went back to the menu and selected Primary Graphics and restarted the game but got the same result. My pc though not top of the range by any means is still quite powerful so shouldnt have any problems running this. AMD II X4 640 running at stock 3.0ghz 8 gig DDR 2 ram 896mb Nvidia GTX 260 with latest drivers 3 HDD (160, 320 and 1TB) 670 PSU. Windows 7 64bit I have also updated the game to 1.1e but to no avail. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but did some frantic searching yesterday and found nothing. Hope someone can help. Cheers
  2. Hi all. I recently found my old copy of Jane's F15 (which I thought was thrown out) decided to load this baby up again after several years playing Falcon 4.0, most other flight sims. Game runs fine til I get to about 3-4th mission in Iraq and the same in Iran, the screen goes black then crashes to desktop. I have the latest patch installed too. My system is: AMD 6000 @ 3Ghz, 4 gig ram, 512mb 8800gt, XP. Like I said, this game runs fine til half way through either mission 3/4, just before Ingress. Anyone got any ideas what causes this? Cheers. Steve
  3. Ive had Gunship 2000 for some years now, its played fine on Windows 95 to ME but now i have XP using Nvidia 7800gt Graphics card, and 1G memory, also a Soundblaster live card which is where my joystick is plugged in. The game runs fine but it wont let me use the Joystick only keys... flying a helicopter or any aircraft with keys is like driving a car using only your feet... Is there any way i can get GS2000 to use my Joystick. I dont want to put another OS on as i find it conflicts too much.
  4. Thanks champ. Na cant hear any music coming from the choppers lol, though that piece of music does run in my head each time they fly over lol
  5. Does anyone know where i can download Microprose's F-15 III, have tried the home of the underdogs site but it wont install, or failing that buy it but not off ebay? On another note, I live not far from Cosford AFB in Shropshire, There has been a Helicopter training exercise or something because from about 7:45pm till turned 11pm last night we had 2 Apache, 4 Lynx and one Chinook Helicopters fly out west towards the Welsh border and back again... it was like a scene from Apoclypse Now!!!. Steve
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