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    60F and windy here.. Supposed to be in the 70s this week.
  2. Wow someone has been hitting the camel milk and meth a little hard this morning...
  3. Mako


    19F clear and calm other than a bit chilly looks like its gonna be a beautiful day..
  4. Mako


    That's 2700F so around 1490Cish
  5. Mako


    Meh July/August is generally 38 to 43C ish Sunny and dry.. Just takes LOADS of beer and ice to get through it.. If it gets too hot you can always hit the lake and cool off in 33Cish water and drink ice cold beer.. Now do you know where I happen to work? That's right an iron foundry... 2700 degree iron warms the building up nicely...
  6. Mako


    Archie here in Oklahoma that weather would shut down the whole state for a week.
  7. Mako

    Board question

    Ew... I didn't think of that.. <Shudder>
  8. Mako


    No thanks Fick. From what I can tell you only have one woman on your side and I'm not into boney methhead zealots with a towel fetish.
  9. Mako

    Board question

    And I just realized that I the forum works on my phone... Not sure carrying this many nutcases..um I mean.. Wonderful perfectly sane human beings in my pocket is a good idea..
  10. Mako

    Board question

    Thanks Donster that fixed it.
  11. Mako

    Board question

    How did I manage to put Stag on ignore and how do I fix it...
  12. Mako


    Cold and windy here in Okie land.. Just about done with my daily grind. Off to the gym then hopefully a good solid days sleep.
  13. Mako


    #$%#!! one stupid joke and I get lumped in with the NWO (Nerotic wanker organization I assume)... I apologize for the previous post mark it up to lack of sleep and too much time working graveyard shifts.
  14. Mako


    A magician is on stage doing his act when he comes to the big ending he asks for a volunteer from the audience. "You sir could you come up on stage and help me out?" A huge bear of a man steps out of the audience and makes his way to the stage. "What I want you to do sir is take this sledge hammer and hit me in the forehead as hard as you can." Skeptical the man takes the hammer but cant bring himself to swing it. "Go ahead sir it is ok I swear that I will be fine it is magic after all." Encouraged the man rears back and hits the magician right in the forehead with everything he has. The magic
  15. Mako


    Achmed?!? Little boney girl? Looks kinda like a meth addict? Nope she tried but my beer goggles were not that thick! Muahahahaha
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