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  1. Gregor Have you by any chance changed your graphics card and/or its driver? Or have upgraded your Windows? Not long ago when I moved from Win Me to Win XP, without telling me XP changed my graphics driver and after that, even though it was the same PC, same hardware, etc., WWII Fighters had very funny graphics. Eventually I had to uninstall it. Then I bought a second hand ‘legacy’ PC with Win98 and I have now the best of both worlds I can play WWII fighters, Mig Alley, USAF, Jane’s F-18 and quite a few other old classics, and keep the XP PC for newer sims I trust this will be of some help Good luck, harry
  2. Hi I have read that it would work on most PCs, give it a try, and you’ll be flying your beloved Spitfire again. Good luck 06harry
  3. Hi JimCobb I quote from Mr. Jelly’s original post: “For players not using OAW then the contents of each of the three folders needs to go in your EAW directory- I repeat "the contents" - not the folders themselves. Please take note of the warnings in the "contents.txt" file below. If you are not using OAW then make sure that you back up you existing "eaw.exe" and your "d3d.dll"” You can see the post at: Frugal’s World of Simulations-Prop Sims-EAW I am sorry, cannot advise you on the joystick. I have an USB joystick, a Logitech ‘WingMan Extreme’ and works well very with all my EAW installs. All the joystick settings were included on my original EAW install, which I keep on a CD. I just copy and paste it anywhere as many times as I need, and then install on top anything I fancy like a new scenario, new exe, whatever. The funny graphics after checking the arming board are 'normal' at least until a new release, I guess I trust this will be of some help All the best 06harry
  4. Hi Stans I am terribly sorry for the delay. I checked the driver for my GeForce FX5200 and it is: Driver version and the date 07-04-2004. But I checked another PC which I upgraded to XP the same day with a NVIDIA RIVA TNT2 and now has the same driver and the same date, hence I think you are right, XP changed the driver and messed my WWII install Many thanks for your input 06harry
  5. Hi JimCobb Well yes I downloaded the new EAW.Exe on top of an EAW 1.26e install and it worked very well, better than another EAW install I have, with ‘Jim fix’ on the same PC. All the EAW menu screens are as good as on a PC with WIN98. You should try it and see for yourself, for me it was a revelation. My PC spec is: Athlon 64 3000+, WinXP SP2, GeForce 7600GT, 2Gb RAM All the best 06harry
  6. Hi twitch You should try the P-61 NA (Night Attack) with the revolver gun and shoot and down any bomber from a distance of about 1000 m. Regards 06harry
  7. Hi I have tested the new Eaw.exe successfully on a PC with XP and a GeForce 7600GT w/latest driver, that gave the 7217 error. Not only you can fly bombers but EAW runs extremely well. Even the ‘Careers’ briefing screens are fine (not garbled) Regards 06Harry
  8. Hi The Dude Thanks you for your reply I have kept the same hardware, no changes made anywhwere, same graphics card, same driversl. That is the reason why I am flumoxed. The Sim was right under ME, spot on in all respects. WWII fighters is the only sim or program that has desteriorated after the change. EAW, Jane's F 15, BoB I, B17, MSCFS I & II, & WoV are all fine. I use to love jane's sims because they never let you down!......Not anymore iot seems Thanks and regards 06harry
  9. Hello I have upgraded my PC from Win Me to XP Home and find that my Jane's WWII Fighters graphics set up has gone haywire I have tied different resolutions but with minimal improvement. The planes have missing parts, the bullets look like as if I an firing the keyboard of a piano, the floor of the cockpit is transparent and the pilots are nowhere to beee seen.. If I reduce the screen resolution to the minimum values available there seem to be some improvement but the terrain looks worst than the original ever did and the whole lot looks as if I am flying a DOS game, real depressing Any clues on how to cure these sympthoms? Your advise and comments will be appreciated Many thanks Regards 06harry
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