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  1. nah of course not man , was probably doing laps some place or another , playing harpoon , learning MS Flight Sim X (just got it) , or trying to 'understand' Orbier (read doing a physics degree just so as I can play the game). never far away from here as you have Harpoon related articles. Happy laps my friend. no pics from me today sorry , ive banned myself. Go McLaren !
  2. Hi guys , big rev head here. Is this the Sierra title I'm thinking of ? How recent has this been released (re-release ?). I'll download the demo and take a look at some stage , has it camber adjustment and all that? Sierra do make great car physics , I have raced and loved all of the NASCAR and especially the INDYCAR titles over the years , a shame what happened to the Open Wheeler scene over there as I was a huge Indycar fan since watching my first Indy500 in '89. I have not missed a year since , and religiously stay awake here in Sydney until 5-6am in the morning to watch it LIVE. Shame
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