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  1. One more song by Terry McDermott and his first band, Driveblind. This is an awesome track, and I can't believe that Geffen didn't promote these guys more than they did:
  2. http://youtu.be/MwYbOliP6LM Hey, guys, guess who's still kicking around? My new favorite vocalist, Terry McDermott, singing his blind audition that got him into The Voice and on to second place!
  3. JClark


    ....and ass deep in the bullsh!t too....
  4. The Hollywood "explosions are my only nit too, Stans, but people wouldnt' understand "big puff of smoke" for frags and it's not like a 5.56 round carefully aimed, you just simply wouldn't want shrapnel going every where. Other than that, it's all good
  5. Sorry I haven't been around much (Dude, you upgraded the board AGAIN?!) but I took the grandson to see Act of Valor yesterday and thought I should post a review: "Act of Valor"...my review. First cut: OH MY GOD! These are real men, do real work, in the face of overwhelming odds. They're not actors; they are real men. Actors try to make you believe they are real people, SEALs are real warriors. First time I saw a movie where they talked softly in danger close instead of whisper...because in reality, whispers can be heard better than talking softly: real stuff. Weapons: There is a vast difference between an M-4 shooting blanks and an M-4 shooting live rounds, that and wow, tracers coming out of an Aero Dillon mini-gun Plot: standard terror plot, starts with finding one end of an intelligence string and keeps pulling till the horrible truth is found...and then the SEAls get to do SEAL stuff: killing tangos and blowing shit up. Dick Marcinko must have cried when he saw this movie. Support personnel: something you never see in any movie about special ops are the people behind the scenes on the shaft of the spear. In this movie you get to see the intel geeks, the aviation side, the small boat units who while not being SEALS are still bad ass. Submarines are in it and you get to see how subs are important to SEALs. Hell, they even have a SEAL delivery system! SEALs aren't bullet proof and they don't have "unlimited ammo mags". People get hurt and people die. SEALs clock out and yell for their buddy to cover while he changes mags. This is a movie about real SEALs. It's about the way they fight, it's about their families and it's about absolute committment these incredible men have to their mission. Last, but not least, if you are not choked up with tears in your eyes at the end of the movie you simply have no soul. In my theater you could have heard a mouse fart is was so quiet. I recommend this movie to anyone. Go see it in the theater. The little screen simply won't do it justice. Keep in mind that I hang out in several mil-blogs simply because you won't hear the truth about how the military works or what it's doing in the world, good, bad and ugly anywhere else but the mil-blogs. I knew this was a good movie before I went because a real no-stuff SEAL at Blackfives blog, Froggy, watched the premiere and pronounced it, "the real deal". DO NOT BELIEVE what Hollywood reviewers say about this movie: they think it's terrible acting with a terrible script. OF COURSE THEY THINK IT'S TERRIBLE ACTING! It's real people doing their incredible jobs! And the script? They hate that too. Of course they do, it's real SEALs doing what SEALS do. I was watching the first combat scene as the SEALs were moving through an enemy camp that it looked like a school of sharks stalking their prey. And oh did they feast. Go watch it. These are Americas warriors working to keep us all safe. Boats
  6. Achmed, did you know hogs are fed a combination of vegetables, fruits and......bone meal? Boats
  7. Happy Birthday, Doc, and don't sweat DH...I tweeted Chuck Norris and told him that DH thinks he's a wuss Boats
  8. That's got to be the worlds longest bad joke And I read the whole damn thing... Boats
  9. I would LOVE for them to occupy my street! I got a case of rock salt and a 12 gauge pump just waiting on them. OWN my ass... Boats, who wouldn't mind a bit of jail time if he could get the chance to put some salt in some asses....
  10. Dumbass...you get out of an airplane, you ALWAYS tie it down. This fool is going to have a hard time selling this bit of stupidity to his insurance company.... Boats
  11. Uh...I have DirectTV too..... Boats
  12. Nah, the Dentists Union owns too many Congress-critters to let that one get approved Boats
  13. JClark


    Jason Leffler had better watch himself...Elliot Sadler has a lot of friends in the garage and there's still one more race Boats
  14. JClark


    Should be a very interesting race, given the wrecks yesterday and what's on the line what with the Championship on the line and all those drivers wanting a ride and into the top 35 in points. I'm looking at wrecks and hot tempers, and someone spinning Kyle Busch out just to see if we'll get to see the Final Meltdown
  15. Probably tomorrow afternoon, they're calling for morning showers there. Boats
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