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  1. Cyclone

    Babe for Cyclone! Post #900!

    Kick-off in 2 minutes
  2. Cyclone

    Gute Monday Mornink!!!

    Its good, its good, I swear!! Mum and sis' get back to work and school respectively today at 7 and 8 am as summer break comes to an end!!! Have a good day, everyone. As for me, I'm planning on installing AoE3 and Dangerous Waters, both given by a friend last night, who swears the former will work on my rig, and the latter wont. I'm still wondering why he gave it to me, if thats the case
  3. Cyclone

    Babe for Cyclone! Post #900!

    Whoa!!! Like the skip sez, LEGS!!! Danke, herr Donnie
  4. Cyclone

    Jokes (25 JUNE 06)

    OMG!!! He's evolving, he's evolving!!! We're gonna dddddddiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quick Stans, more, more
  5. Cyclone


    Prayers and best wishes Keep us posted, Arch
  6. Cyclone

    Gute Sunday Mornink!!!

    2320, got only 40 minutes more before my broadband connection expires. I'll go and renew it in the am. Meanwhile, England have (just) beaten Ecuador 1-0 in a game that could easily have gone the other way. Rather dissapointing show by the Brits, I think. And Beckham still feels confident that this trophy's going to London One hour to go, guys, and then, Netherlands vs Portugal!!! Waiting eagerly for this one, esp since Arjen Robben's back from suspension, and Ruud van Nistelrooy and Robben van Persie're having a good run under football legend Marco Van Basten. And with the other side sporting The Great Figo and The Other Ronaldo, it should be a match to watch
  7. Cyclone

    Forum weirdness?

    Yup, 2-3 hours earlier in the day
  8. Cyclone

    Gute Sunday Mornink!!!

    Oi, guys, was anything wrong with Csim about 4-5 hours ago? It wouldn't open. I'd get to the main page, but couldn't access the forums. I kept getting a "request timed out" message. But all other sites were working, so.......
  9. Cyclone

    The Incredible Mr. Badger

    Yeah, but the French qualified for the last 16 with an excellent 2-0 win over Togo, so its now officially Puzzie Whipped
  10. Cyclone

    Gute Sunday Mornink!!!

    And may England triumph!!! Have a great day, fellas.
  11. Cyclone

    Looking for game

    He says it ain't much. He frikkin' says it ain't much!!!
  12. Cyclone

    Its Saturday

    GERMANY WON!!!! 2-0!! PARDEY!!!!!
  13. Cyclone

    Its Saturday

    Poor chaps <shakes head> j/k Holy crap...Germany is going to win the cup!!! I'm sure!! They're just awesome!!! 2-0 vs sweden, and its just halftime!!! GREAT TEAM!! Lets go Germany!! If they keep playing like this, watch out Brazil, its Germany's World Cup. Go Tjermanny!!!
  14. Cyclone

    Joke Thread (24 JUNE 06)

    @ D's
  15. Cyclone

    The Incredible Mr. Badger

    ...spake the Badger Good one, OG