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  1. This year was fun. The day started well. Those B**t**ds running our college didn't give us a holiday, so we did a mass bunk. only one chick attended outta a class of 57, and she went home in 5 mins of showing up there. The lecturers were pretty pissed, but i dont think anyone cares, least of all me. On diwali, while us kids muck around with firecrackers, the 'grown-ups' are supposed to roam around distributing sweets. Indian sweets <called 'mithai'> are awesome, they're made of milk, sugar, and well, i can't describe them. U gotta taste 'em for urself. So my sweet tooth really had a bal
  2. Hey fellas, happy diwali! I guess most <all> of u dont know what it is, so I guess I'll spread the gyan <knowledge> around: Acc. to hindu mythology, there was this king in this place called ayodhya. He had 3 wives, 5 kids, and his ppl were pretty happy about him. So. His fav kid, Rama, was also the ppls fav; he would've got the kingdom if one of his jealous moms hadn't poisoned his dads ears and packed him off to a forest for a 12 year exile. He went, got a guru <spiritual guidethingy>, got a chick, fought a lot, and basically did everything a young exile would do. Then. A
  3. 1-No body dies a virgin, life f###s everyone. 2-gravity is bullcrap, basically earth sucks. 3-A whore is someone who sleeps with everyone, whereas a bitch is someone who sleeps with everyone except you.
  4. LOL! Got another one: 2 kids were out picking cashewnuts. They sat down to count their wares in a cemetry. As they opened their bags, 2 rolled outside the gates. It was gettin pretty dark so they started dividing the rest. One man passed by and heard a high voice saying "One for you and one for me" repeatedly. He ran to the priest and told him "Father, the Lord and the Devil are dividing the souls in the graveyard!" The priest wanted to see it for himself. He went with the chap to the cemetery and listened outside the gate. It went on. Finally they heard the Voice say "There. Thats done.
  5. The Pope was giving a sermon somewhere. At the end of it, he sez "Tutti Homini" <bless all mankind>. That night, a lady requests him to bless women too. So after his next sermon, he sez "Tutti homini, tutti femini". In the evening, a homosexual requests him to bless all gaykind as well. The Pope agrees. After the next sermon, the Pope sez "Tutti homini, tutti femini, tutti frutti"
  6. How big is it? Broadband hasn't exactly caught on in a place like Vizag, so I've got a max speed of 2kbps ~ 3 mbph. We're gonna get broadband in another year or so after my dialup connection expires, so unless the game is less than 4 mb, I dont think I'm gonna be able to try it.
  7. Didn't know bangladesh had any crap left in it. The country gets inundated in summer and torched during elections, so i guess its never dull there. Had one of those screening exams today. As my phy prof (iit) likes to say, we got phucked. Never done this badly, am expecting 52/270. Dang! And we're supposed to be the pride of the nation. The admin staff is so pathetic, they marked me absent for the last Chem exam, and given me 43 marks less in maths. Had to really fight to get myself marked present. Apparently 53 witnesses weren't enough, I also needed the heads proof. And the bloody hea
  8. Warning! Really lame Q:What did the cat say before it jumped from the top of the Empire State Building? A:Meow
  9. I like it, pretty good. What genre does it belong to- strategy, simulation, fps etc? If its going on sale, mite try it. Seems kinda like Urban Assault (in a very vague way). I mean, the West against the East, with some ETs thrown in. But should be really cool. On the basis of the above text, i think (better believe it) i'll give it a 8/10.
  10. Absolutely true, CobraJ , take it from me!
  11. Yep, he was still there
  12. Q: What's the difference between a secretary and a private secretary? A:One says "Good Morning, Sir" while the other says "Its morning, Sir"!
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