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  1. I will reinstall everything then too and then see.
  2. Training Mission BVR like 2 min in
  3. I am not too sure what to do about it.
  4. Thank you mikew for advice. Here is a sample of corruption in the terrain. There are many more problematic places which include other textures on the terrain like airforce emblem logos and other.
  5. I kind of understand the issue nut just "kind of". I have original TAW installation program which I could make separate installation, but the sucker refuses to run. I unzip all but Setup.exe or should that be F22setup.exe is stuck on the error that it cannot run in 64bit. Should I use compatibility or some other tricks? And ... how do you make screenshots in TAW?
  6. I try to make a picture of those little problems (like.... national wing emblems on the terrain). Then some definitely out of place terrain tiles. In overall not too big of the deal, but just a tad distracting.
  7. After I made Nostalgia TAW to work , thank you, I see some artifacts and errors in tiling of the terrain. I have original TAW program so my question is there any way I can put that into my current installation of 2.30 Mod or there is any way to correct those errors in tiling ?
  8. My 1st impression of TAW after this long break is that it provides very balanced gameplay fun and satisfaction whit nearly zero learning curve and amount of time spent of settings all things to play and enjoy. Not much even time investment is required to have something accomplished and finished in the game. Obviously there are few shortcomings which no doubt are pretty glaring especially when compared with current crop of flight combat sims.
  9. I have personally met several opinions that new hardware or OS is an obstacle to fly and play old games and simulations. While it might be perhaps true in some situations, I have yet not encountered yet and all my oldies I run on win 10 64bit and modestly current computer. All it takes IMHO is some fiddling with either Glide or D3D wrappers and usually all works without any hiccup or hitch. In fact I find modern computing and processing power truly a blessing highly appreciated for those old titles, which at the old days, were sometimes too demanding on the hardware and were not providing good FPS or gameplay experience as the modern stuff now does. Although be as it may, my question @Scorpion82is what elements of gameplay experience shift the balance of preference and liking towards EF2000? I played this title in the past too and possibly missed something because quite frankly I find TAW quite superior mostly in all of the aspects. As far as free time availability that is sure something to be reckoned with and can be a problem and obstacle to enjoy more old stuff when there is so much other nice things around.
  10. Yes it does it looks rather incomparably better. BTW were there any attempts made to make bigger textures working?
  11. Because the most interesting module is AWAC module, the original is the best for TAW play. I can only see now how "amatourish" were those new textures. In the small 3D window of AWAC they are pixelated and useless. I wish the AWAC module could be moded to make each window hirez and full screen and all the buttons either on the small strip or transparent.
  12. What is the best way to revert to the original TAW but possibly still using HF TAW 2.30 mod? Or I should make just separate install of original?
  13. I must ask this question cause browsing the profiles of the posters here I see that Mike and Krycztij are the only stalwarts here. So where are all others? Bailed already out a while ago? Is is because other things are more shiny? Or is it because TAW is the 1st Date and 1st Love, but now has aged? Ah yes time waits for no man ... and game.
  14. Honestly, knocking down the windsock as a symbol of taking entire airbase out of the service is little silly! Is my memory correct that how it is treated in the game? Runways, fuel depot, maybe ammo storage sounds much better.
  15. You Guys did many great things for TAW! Time permitting, my main interest will focus on F22, geopolitics of the Red Sea theater and AI and UI of this great game. In the current state I do not see any easy way to drastically and radically improve anything here. The best course of action is to experience and learn from the elements of the great design of this great combat simulation TAW has always been.
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