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  1. Do planes refuel if i land them at a friendly airport, in mission planner, if i select a friendly airport, the fuel limit goes down, does it mean they refuel?
  2. i can't find advanced game loader anywhere, it is not available on the original site Does anyone still have a copy lying around
  3. tested on windows 11 (64 bit) the original page is NTVDMx64 by Leecher1337 (columbia.edu) Download NTVDM from here install it restart your computer after it is done install super ef2000 voila NTVDM is a legacy feature of 32 bit windows that allows support for 16 bit applications
  4. yes it does and that's where i select the resolution, the only thing is it's way too small, the ef2000 reloaded page says it is possible to run it in 1080p
  5. i've gotten both ef2000 with gfx+ and reloaded, but when in the config there are only two (small) resolutions available, and changing it from reloaded doesn't work, so how do i fix?
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