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    CFS 2 Help

    Well i reinstalled it and it works great not shure what caused the initial problem but the game works great now thanks to all who helped.
  2. chasesim

    CFS 2 Help

    my video card is a PCI E X16 visiontek/ati radeon X1300 512MB gddr-2 im pretty shure it will hold the mustard. im going to try to reinstall it and see if that helps i have other games that have far greater graphics and runs with no problem and cfs 1 works great so maybe i adjusted somthing wrong after i try today ill repost with more . thanks alot.
  3. chasesim

    CFS 2 Help

    Anytime i try to play CFS 2 i can hear everything but cant see anything while in training mode i can see the map in the left corner but the rest of the screen is black. i am fairly good with computers but im not shure what to do i changed all the video settings and nothing changed exept the size of the map. Please Help.