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  1. Nope, we're sticking to the May 25th release - Everything is good to go! Thanks for the welcome Spectre. I'm not entiely sure where the handle came from to be honest. It was one of those random-word-in-head moments iirc.
  2. Thanks again to Donster for his permission to post some information about Enemy Engaged 2 here. The game has pretty much gone Gold and will be in stores on May 25th. We have a number of game assets, screenies and the intro trailer at the main page www.eech2.com The recent gameplay video released last week can be viewed at : We're sure that fans of the original Enemy Engaged will enjoy the sequel and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about the game when it comes out. I'll even try and send Don a few copies of the game which he can giveaway to readers of this forum.
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