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  1. Just watched "Outpost" via instant watch. Interesting sci-fi/merc/Nazi flick.
  2. I finished all the "Homicide: Life on the Street" series. Greatest show nobody watched. I also saw "Death and the Maiden". Other than confirming Sigourney Weaver has breasts, rather forgettable.
  3. JimCobb


    Back again after some computer troubles. Snow and cold. Some wind.
  4. I just watched via Instant Watch "The Assignment". This sleeper with Donald Sutherland and Ben Kingsley is a hypothetical for how Carlos the Jackal was set up to be nabbed.
  5. JimCobb


    Cold. I'm taking it easy today. Last week was rough.
  6. I'll check, but I think "Due South" was US-made.
  7. Netflix can beat that. They have all the original Rocky and Bullwinkles.
  8. A couple of quick notes: Caesar's post mortem showed only one wound was life-threatening, but he wasn't exactly surrounded by people who wanted to help. I wonder what modern medicine could have done for Harding. That episode was always fishy to me.
  9. Yeah, Mom always told me to wear clean underwear in case I got shot.
  10. I agree he was great and an icon, but there's no reason for this state to fixate on this as it has. If an airman hadn't already died this week causing the flag to be at half-staff, I wouldn't be surprised if the Guv wouldn't have ordered all state flags lowered,
  11. I'll add "September Dawn" to my quwuw. I watched "La Vie en Rose" via Instant Watching. The lead actress was great as was the vocals, but too many flash backs/forwards made the film difficult. Prepared to be de[ressed. Oh, and a complete gap about WW II. I thought Piaf was involved in the Resistance.
  12. I watched "Fallen" with Denzel Washington = good but weird cop movies. I also saw "The OH in Ohio". See it with a loved one - then run for cover.
  13. Snow, freezing rain, black ice. Very dangerous.
  14. JimCobb


    It looks like the snow will mostly miss us this time.
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