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  1. Dude, Thank you for the answer, I'll join up and see what I can find out. I haven't played a flight sim in many years. The genre seemed to die off after the popularity of the late 80's and early 90's. Since my original post, I've also found boxed copies of Joint Strike Fighter, F/A18-E Super Hornet, U.S. Navy Fighters and Falcon 3, all of which I'd completely forgotten about. None of them were as good as Falcon 4 if my memory serves, but I'll probably give them a try after I've spent the next year reading through the F4 manual! :-) Regards, Jim
  2. Hi, After moving a few boxes around this afternoon, I found a brand new looking boxed copy of Falcon 4 in my loft. It's on CD and looks to have all the manuals with it. I have read through the tutorial on the site about installing the 1.08 patch on XP. Is that all I need to worry about? I haven't played F4 for many years and didn't even know I had a copy! Any help or suggestions would be most welcome as I'm itching to get my joystick out [EDIT] I've just opened the box to have a proper look. It contains the Quick Reference Chart, Communications Handbook, Cadets Guide, enormous m
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