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  1. Triple111

    New Year's Resolutions?

    Meet with a USAFA Liaison Officer and figure it all out! Happy New Year guys!
  2. Triple111

    Got myself a 'lil somthing!

    Just got myself a HOTAS Cougar Flight Stick and CH Pro Pedals! MAN OH MAN!!! I highly recommend it to anyone, its really, really good! Running total is $311.79 (much less than usual). Now only trackir 4 left!
  3. Triple111

    Attention Il2:1946 B-29 pilots

    Wow I just read this and found out about the B-29!!! Can't wait to check it out!
  4. Triple111

    What Flight Sim?

    I would highly recommend Lock On. If you are into extremely high fidelity, I'd go with Falcon 4 Allied Force. This is my personal favorite. The graphics aren't the newest, but its the incredible realism that counts. This is as real as it gets.
  5. Triple111

    Happy Birthday Whizkid!

    Bit late, but have a good one Wizzy!
  6. Triple111

    Media Player Problem

    Been having a bit of trouble with media player for a while. Videos are always washed out and too bright. I've tried changing some settings, but i'm not getting a visual impact. Everything else works fine, such as youtube, etc. Picture 1Picture2
  7. Triple111

    Y'all need a laugh?

    How did the west find out about STOL performance of the Soviet aircraft? This comes from a top secret recording describing what happened at a soviet cockpit during approach to JFK at IFR conditions: Captain : "500 ft. low visibility, runway seems to be short. Co-pilot, lower flaps to 30 degrees..." Co-Pilot: "Flaps down at 30.. check." Captain : "300 ft, low visibility, runway looks very short... Co-pilot, lower to 45 degrees !!!" Co-Pilot: "Flaps down at 45...check." Captain : "100 ft !!! Runway very short !!! "Co-pilot, lower flaps to emergency - 90 degrees down!!! Co-Pilot: "Flaps down to 90 degrees ready to land...check." Aircraft lands and breaks immediately... Captain : "*wipes off the sweets and sighs*... "Ohh they make the runways so short in the west...." Co-pilot: "Yes...*points out the window*...but they are so wide..." Lt. Green was out on his first solo flight in a T-38 and was feeling a bit cocky. He decided to see what ballistic flight was like and pulled the jet into a vertical climb. After a few seconds he got a call from the tower as follows, "Ghost 53Z, tower. Say heading," to which the pilot responded "Uh, up, sir."
  8. Triple111


    Welcome to the forum! Tisk tisk, now losing your control booklet won't do you any good! The weapon selection keys are [ for primary gun (.50 cal, all, etc) and ] is for the secondary weapon (bombs, HVAR, etc.) If you'd like me to scan my booklet and upload it let me know. Cheers!
  9. Triple111

    Falcon 5?

    I've just been thinking, does anyone think there is any chance of there being another Falcon? Maybe with next gen visuals and a hi-res clickable 3d pit (ala DCS?) Personally, I think that would set a new standard in flight simulation!
  10. Triple111

    Saitek x52

    By the way, I've just been thinking of getting a HOTAS. Can anyone reccommend me anything? Been debating between HOTAS Cougar, X-52, and X-45.
  11. Triple111

    Sound changer

    Ok I will try that! Thanks a lot!
  12. Triple111

    Sound changer

    I've also been wondering how to get the actual comm into the game. You know how in the game, the commander figure or whoever will say somthing and it will show up in blue text? Anyone know how to do that?
  13. Triple111

    Sound changer

    Wow, here I was, thinking how pointless my post was, until I got these answers! Thanks a lot guys and i'll check it out!
  14. Triple111

    Sound changer

    I'm making some addon missions for ARMA and I need a voice recorder that makes my voice sound staticky like on a VHF radio. I couldn't find anything, but i'd appreciate some help! Cheers.
  15. Triple111


    Oh I know all about ARMA. I have it and i'm an avid player of it. I've just seen in your siggys for bessie's bastards that they are of OFP, so I thought you still play it for the better FPS, etc. I'll gladly try to get online with you guys for some ARMA sessions. Give me a PM with details if so. Cheers! (BTW off topic, but why can't you have active signatures for combatsim.com? Just been wondering because i tried to put my BAVirtual siggy on, but it wont let me +P)