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  1. I agree with the crappy flight modle, in real flight any heli does not loose altitude as fast as EE2 when collective is positioned to increase forward speed. The triming out of controls sucks, and they should give opportunity to trim all controls separtly. The sensitivity of my x52 axis commands are another issue for me, they need to add a sensitivity feature in the control set-up. Anyone have suggestions for this issue I'm all ears. It does really furstrate me. Falcon and fsx have available sensitivity adjustments and IL2 has a mod for the same. Another issue, sound controls, you only have the option of "on" or "off". As with many other sims you can for example control the volume of; engine, outside cocpit noise, Voice, special effects like explosions, etc.. Maybe I'm expecting too much. I do really like the sim but it needs much attention. On the contact with EE2cc I have writen three help tickets, received their auto receipt notice and not one response. This is not a $9 sim, so I do expect a better experience, I am still flying it though when in the mood for a heli ride, BF2 and Falcon are my other try hobbies. Thanks. And Hello to all
  2. In the control set-up for Rudder you have to click three times to get to the "Z-rotation". I had the same problem at first because it defaults to x rotation, basically thru trial and error I got it to work. Just wish I could find away to be able to adjust sensitivity, my stick is extremally sensitive and it is agrevating to fly. Trying to get used to it. Are you having the same issue? I have wrote three e's to ec2 and have not one response yet, pisses me off. Harm7
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