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  1. Spectre_USA


    Good Evening. Was a cool morn', temps in the mid-30's, but warmed right up to 60-ought. Typing on the server screen as the A-10C on the game box machine cruises along on EAC to Nellis. It's been a couple years since I even had the Saiteks out, and it's nice to fly again. Next hop is in the shiny, new F/A-18C (Beta) It's good to be in the `pit again!
  2. Lurk? Shoot, I haven't even logged in in 4 years! I may have to change that, but ya never know...
  3. Oh, ya know. Things, stuff and what-not. Gettin' older and that kind of thing. Not for the weak of spirit. Hey Stans, you're still hangin' around too I see, how ya been?
  4. Spectre_USA


    A titty-bit nipply hereabouts, currently at 15 on the Farenheit scale, predicted low, -1° F.
  5. Gameplay? Shee-oot, I think that term was ostracized `round the turn of the century. Make it pretty, yet vapid, has been the developer's credo since 2000 or so...
  6. Yup, nailed it your ownself. IE8 and lower don;t have spell-check, FireFox from 2.0 has it. I think they are above Version 8 in IE, but haven't tried them. Dunno `bout Google Chrome either, as it gave be a bad time in Beta, so haven't been back, but have heard it is better now. Dunno if it does spell-check, worth a look?
  7. That is the one thing I've railed against for a few years, the terrain looks, frankly, like a$$. The aircraft look good, and there are some third party freeware aircraft and terrains that improve things, but it still looks pretty dated. In getting into A-10C lately, and popping back to the Thirdwire series, the difference is glaring. I had hoped the SF2 series would be a rebuild, but is only gives better Win7/Vista compatibility...
  8. I thought I was tuned into the Thirdwire series world pretty well through CombatAce.com, but I didn't see this coming. Does look too shabby at all...
  9. Did you know that 99% of all published statistics are made up on the spot? Seriously though, the pirating claims over the years have been WAY overblown, IMHO. And if SP gaming is dead, EA had a large hand in killing it. Now, off I trot to read what I bet is an amusing/annoying missive...
  10. I agree. Most sane people that I know avoid Black Friday like the plague, to avoid the inherent insanity...
  11. THE MiGMan stopped by to comment? I am honored, sir. Been loving your site for a lot of years, and flown the majority listed therein. Get that awesome rig, brotha, these two are well worth the investment...
  12. Oy! My head is splitting! Copper, eh? Alrighty, then!
  13. They've already got their guns, were mulling over knives, so why not video games? It is good for the sheeple. All for the greater good, don't ya know?
  14. I'd seen snippets about it during development, and it doe look impressive. I had originally thought it to be a replacement for all small-arms, but now see it is to be a specialized mortarman type of arrangement. I wouldn't want to be the guy hoofing around the 12 pound pig, and likely heavy ammo, but if needed, it should rock and roll. I wonder if I can get a review copy to report back on?
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