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    Newer computer help

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm going to build a Core 2 Duo DX10 PC soon so I'll get back in to Flight Sims then. These days I play DCF (Desert combat final) a mod of BF 1942. I truly think this may be one of the best online games ever.
  2. Mike

    Newer computer help

    Yeah, I just liked the mouse clickable cockpit, the padlock, the runway buster bombs and the balance between arcade game and realism. I've tried Falcon 4 but got frustrated with the millions of patches etc. Is allied force worth while? Does the game finally benefit from dual processors? I like IL2 but want a modern sim. I never got in to Lock on because the GUI interface just didn't do it for me. Maybe when I build my new DX10 machine I'll go back.
  3. Mike

    Newer computer help

    Hi and thanks for the welcome. Do you not endorse the wrapper because it may cause some damage to my system/drivers etc... or do you just not endorse the game. If you don't like F-15 I'm not sure I can belong to this community. I thought the game was great and wish someone would build another version of this game. I long for the days of the great flight sims. It seems the glory days are over. Update: I tried someones wrapper and boy did the sim look bad. I wonder if my memory of the game is just distorted. I guess I'm used to newer games cause I don't think I'm going to be able to bring F-15 back to where I remember it. Hmmmmm.
  4. I loved F-15 in it's day. I decided to fire it up again but, NO. I can only run the game in software driver mode. My rig is not that new. Does anyone know some tricks or settings for my video card to get the game to run again? AMD xp2400 ATI 9500pro vid card recent drivers. 1 gig ram WinXP pro
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