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  1. andy

    WW II

    Hi dont know how but my WW II fighters has somehow installed in win vista and is functioning ok!
  2. andy

    WWII Fighters

    i have a laptop with vista preinstalled where WW II FIGHTERS doesnt install inspite of all attempts including the so called compatability wizard hence the question.any idea what is to be done
  3. andy

    WWII Fighters

    The dam thing doesnt install my WW II FIGHTERS is the old version cleared for window 95/98.
  4. Hi which are the combat sims avaialaible in the market for window vista .andy
  5. andy

    WWII Fighters

    how can u install WW II fighters in a window vista laptop please.andy
  6. dear dude have tried the window compatability wizard test they have failed!
  7. what about getting the janes USAF,WWII FIGHTERS,F15 and novalogic COMMANCHE GOLD being installed in a vista laptop. how to do this, i am stuck. pl help. andy
  8. what about installing the game in window vista, i have tried and failed
  9. Thanks for the inputs i recieved from everybody as regards the vista problem. my laptop features amd turion 2.2 ghz,120 mb hard disk,512 mb ram memory,window vista home basic 32 bit,NIVIDIA GEFORCE Go 6150 video card with DirectX 10 installed whereas all these janes games ie USAF,F15 and WW II fighters need slower Direct x drivers and window xp. apart from what is suggested i need to know as to what current combat sims gamesare compatible in my abovementioned configuration so that i can ask my bro who is in the usa to send these. waiting for some excellent advise to get my games installed/started. thanks andy
  10. Hi, how can i install and run janes USAF,F15 and WWII FIGHTERS combat simulation games on my window vista home basic preloaded laptop as these ganmes are clearedfor windows 95/98.thanks.andy
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