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  1. It's okay now! I don't think it will work on 64 bit, but it appears to work fine on Vista 32 bit, just a lack of sound which Im sure is minor setback. Tom
  2. Hi, I'm a noobie here! But I've been playing Total Air War and F22 ADF since 1995. I'm wondering since both are great games, has there been any effort at all to write a patch for XP 64 or Vista/Vista 64. I've got XP 64bit and when I try to run either, it says "This program is a valid Executable but for a machine other than this machine". I think that's because 64 bit OS's won't run 16bit programs. If there is a patch for either of these games already available, I would appreciate any links to get these patches (or is that against forum rules). Anyway any help would be appreciated. Thanks Tom
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