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  1. Thanx for the info. P S I am new the forums and have found mucho helpa (a little spanish lingo there ) already. Be safe all and may your bullets fly true!
  2. Although I am an old sub sim player (688i) I am new to these boards. Heck since I registered I've been on the boards browsing for about an hour and a half! I am going to try Silent Hunter sims and would like to know if there are any tips or tricks to getting XP to run it. I have to try SH cause I canna find ANY modern (los Angles or Seawolf class) sims to get. If there are any, plz let me know. Thanx and I hope to make many new friends on this CombatSim site. Gotta go, Steeler game coming on soon!!
  3. I loved this sim. I would like some info on what game producer has the rights to Jane's Combat Sims. IMHO, they were the best sims offered at one time. I heard UBI Soft has it then someone told me EA bought the rights. Any news or views?
  4. Was listening to news on Sirius Sat. Radio...heard they found six other crash sites while looking for Fosset!!
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