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  1. Just passing by to say Hello. Good promo work Jel.
  2. It is. Working on a tenth anniversary edition using the various new tricks in EAW 129.
  3. The sim HQ url now seems to be occupied by adverts: Whappen? Some-one not put a shilling in the meter?
  4. This was apparently an experimental fighter, prototype only "Advanced interceptor version of Nakajima Ki-43 with a powerful engine and armed with 30 or 40 mm cannons"
  5. This was a high performance version of the Ki-43 "Oscar". Model by Rotton50 based on Col Gibbon's Ki-61
  6. As to installing the Infogrammes version of EAW with XP see HERE Moggy DCM
  7. Lots of very useful information at the EAW Wicki HERE Moggy DCM
  8. Some older guidance from Max 188's page: Running EAW under WindowsXP Yes, with some tweaking, EAW should work fine with WinXP! There are a few important things you need to be aware of: XP Updates- make sure you have XP Service Pack 1 or later installed. The Service Packs will automatically install the latest Application Compatability Update, which contains a custom profile for EAW that will allow it to work properly. DO NOT manually change the compatability mode using the compatability tab, or it will override the custom profile and cause problems with your joystick and keyboard i
  9. See THIS thread as to a general guide to getting up and running with EAW and dealing with operating system and hardware anomalies. Sandbagger's Starting Gate:The Basics The 7217 error explained EAW hi-res skins EAW addon campaigns
  10. That's good! Reminds me of the squaddie who upon being ashed by the media about his first inpressions of Basra when they were still trying to take it said "Just like a night out in Pompey".
  11. Thanks chaps. I thought it was amusing (if you can you that word in context) when the US forces got moving in Iraq and pretty shortly came across the British and Commonwealth war graves from both the first and second world war. Some of the war cemetaries have been restored by US units as a thanks for British involvement. The Commonwealth War Graves commisiion is waiting for things to settle down before starting full scale retoration. The US military chaplain at the Habbaniya Air Base, once built as the principal RAF base in Iraq, has his own project to restore the original RAF Anglican chu
  12. As the current battle comes to an end let's remember the last time there was a battle for this town: 19.5.41 The method of the attack on Falluja was described on the B.B.C News as unique. Roughly it was this. A Col was to the north of the town, G Col to the south west and V Col was landed by troop carrying aircraft 2 miles north east. Our aircraft first bombed the town, and then dropped leaflets demanding its surrender, and as this was not immediately forthcoming G Col investing the town. A Col had been delayed by the flooding and it was not until after 5 p.m. that G Col reported that the
  13. It involved two - or sometimes three - people, getting an armlock on the cat's front paws, forgetting about the back paws and getting serious lacerations, lots of bad lanquage .... and one seriously pissed off cat who is getting her revenge by deciding 3 am is the best time to wake up and want attention - oh and for the rest of the night sleeping on Kry's pillow and snoring loudly.
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