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  1. Ol Samulai Swold! 😆
  2. My gleat contly of Japan in Colona Clises! 10,437 confilmed cases andie 224 death! 80 hospitars in Tokyo at capacitie! We askie Amelika sendie us Doctols, nulses and ventaratols! Prease! Plesident Tlump! We needie herp light nowie!!! Hundleds of Geisha gilrs in dangel! Donnie-san, youie can herp yes?
  3. Donstel-san a molon! Itchie's Zelo havie erectric stalt and powel canopy arong withie Sony 12 speakel steleo system! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  4. Thatie commentie is lacist! Itchie no rike tastie of wood! And Itchie membel of PETA. Donstel-san soonie cee plotestols at hiz housie! Good funnie on Stainz-san! Blings question "Whenie Stainz-san in woods, and we hearie a zippel unzipie, wirl we heal songie flom 'Deriverance'?" 😁 BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  5. Molning lat bastalds! Creal skies and 12C. What the herl youie Amelicans thinkie about Corone vilus? Youie alr want to smerl nice but youie keep sprashing the stuff on youl ungry face! Don't youie knowie The Empelol oldeled Dalkie Hermit to contaminatie youl corone supprys? Japanese takie cale of arl citizens no ploblem! Yankee lat bastalds velly stupid! 150 mirrion of you wilr eithel die or leary stinkie for two week qualantine! Canuckies stay safe by theil exess dlinking of ack aclrck boozie and alrawys stinkie as they noie use corone ol deodalant!
  6. Ahhhhh soooo! Rook rike Itchie's softwale patch fol The Empelol's weathel machine wolks pelfectry! Donnie-san bulied in snowie and wirl soon be flezzing hims alse off! Thatie be $100,000 fol repail Dalk Hermet!
  7. Stupid Amelican meteolorigists! Noie blains! Wolkie wifh cheapie Vietnamese madie equipelment! Youie needie weathel ladal madie inie Japan! Vastry supeliol equipiement! Nowie time fol Tokyo/Tokyo Plefectule weathel lepolt! Creal skieies and 17C. Paltry croudy today. Right NE windies of 16 KPH. Highie of 22C. Goodrie day fol celemoniar Saki toss and sushi!
  8. Lat Bastalds! Evely oneie of youie! Itchie noie rive in asyrum! Itchie rive in Geisha Houls! Itchie selvice alr Geishas! Keepie them alr sexuarry satisfied! Itchie prastic sulgely fixie alr buln scals and no rongel takie molphine! Itchie go thlu thlee step ploglam for dependency of medicine! Itchie is fountaine of youthie again! Doubre Chick magnet! Soie you alr canie bitie me! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  9. Velly nicie that Amelicans spendie monies to find Kaga and Akagi. Many of Itchie's fliends wele on boald when disastel stluck! Japanese-Amelican spies on boald oul calliels pranted bombs on fuer tanks berow decks causing ross of rife and ships sunk. Ami plopoghanda say ailcraft sink ships. Noie tlue! Amelicans no hittie bload sign of baln, much ress ships in vast oceans! Itchie say plays for comlades rost on these calliels. Itchie bows to theil spilits, and to Empelol Hilohito, as sairors now togethel withie Empelol in heavens.
  10. Helr Hitrel velly stupid readel! Tlust fatty Goeling, whoie molphine addict and eat whore bakelies! Japanese soldiels take Engrand noie ploblem! Howevel, onry thingie goodly thele is Blitish Naver ships. Japan confiscatie ships fol oul use against Yankee pig dogs! Crimate and food equary clappie! Dlive on wlong sidie of load! Blits backis aswalds! Bevery Tyrel one hotsie totsie! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  11. Itchie noie hit lock bottom Dumpstel-san! As fol youie Ord Guy, poltlaying Itchie in youl stoly is alr wlong! Itchie arways weal crean and plessed unifolm! Arso, Empelol stir arive! Empelol Hilohito is God! Noie can die! Yoie wlite rike reftist wlitel fol Amelican plopaghanda machineie CNN! Alr ries! Itchie no goie in bal flequented by Fickie! He rimp wlisted, sirly boy! Noie rike gilrs! He plefel tolpedo in hims aft section if you catch Itchie's dlift! ROR!!! Itchie go to bals whele many rovry Geisha babes ale! Itchie scole evely night! Itchie what Yankees carl "Chick
  12. Some music hele goodry, but Itchie knowie bestest Doctol withie bestest cules fol whatie airs you!
  13. Ries! Arl ries! Useress Amelican plopoghanda! Itchie's blothel Sclatchie on Talawa. He ladio me isrand stirl secule and Amelican Maline invadels pushied backie in sea! Ami Navy shlips arl sentie to watelry glave! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  14. Coln feed Bleef? Noie wondel yoie Amelicans cloak flom healt disease! You alr eatie wlong thingies! Eatie Octoplus bulgel and Tofu Tulkey! Rive wrong rife! Stayie stlong! Itchie armost 100 yeals ord and stirl kickie alr youl heinie! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  15. Sound rike clickets in hele! Rook rike arries farring abpalt! Timie fol New Wold Oldel to gainie urtimate contlor of Combatsim! Itchie makie a fewie phonie carrs. Axis of Evir wirr letuln! BANZAI! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!!
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