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  1. Helr Hitrel velly stupid readel! Tlust fatty Goeling, whoie molphine addict and eat whore bakelies! Japanese soldiels take Engrand noie ploblem! Howevel, onry thingie goodly thele is Blitish Naver ships. Japan confiscatie ships fol oul use against Yankee pig dogs! Crimate and food equary clappie! Dlive on wlong sidie of load! Blits backis aswalds! Bevery Tyrel one hotsie totsie! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  2. Itchie noie hit lock bottom Dumpstel-san! As fol youie Ord Guy, poltlaying Itchie in youl stoly is alr wlong! Itchie arways weal crean and plessed unifolm! Arso, Empelol stir arive! Empelol Hilohito is God! Noie can die! Yoie wlite rike reftist wlitel fol Amelican plopaghanda machineie CNN! Alr ries! Itchie no goie in bal flequented by Fickie! He rimp wlisted, sirly boy! Noie rike gilrs! He plefel tolpedo in hims aft section if you catch Itchie's dlift! ROR!!! Itchie go to bals whele many rovry Geisha babes ale! Itchie scole evely night! Itchie what Yankees carl "Chickie magnetie"! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  3. Some music hele goodry, but Itchie knowie bestest Doctol withie bestest cules fol whatie airs you!
  4. Ries! Arl ries! Useress Amelican plopoghanda! Itchie's blothel Sclatchie on Talawa. He ladio me isrand stirl secule and Amelican Maline invadels pushied backie in sea! Ami Navy shlips arl sentie to watelry glave! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  5. Coln feed Bleef? Noie wondel yoie Amelicans cloak flom healt disease! You alr eatie wlong thingies! Eatie Octoplus bulgel and Tofu Tulkey! Rive wrong rife! Stayie stlong! Itchie armost 100 yeals ord and stirl kickie alr youl heinie! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  6. Sound rike clickets in hele! Rook rike arries farring abpalt! Timie fol New Wold Oldel to gainie urtimate contlor of Combatsim! Itchie makie a fewie phonie carrs. Axis of Evir wirr letuln! BANZAI! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!!
  7. 44F withie sunnie skies in Tokyo! Pelfect frying weathel fol shooting down Nolth Koleans! Melly Chlistmas arl youie Lat Bastalds!
  8. Itchie Crotchie


    Itchie nevel crouse fliend of Helr Solen Dickress! As fol Nolth Koleans, noie wolry! Itchie and supeliol ailfolce of Impelial Nippon destloy them noie plobrem! Kimchi Kim-san arl mouthie, rike Mussorini! BANZAI! BANZAI!! BANZAI!!!
  9. Subalu, Itchie noie swingie that way! Geisha gilrs onry! Youie must speakie of Helr Fickie-buttpokesan! Youie both rimp wlist types! Lainbow coarition! Lainboy Frag! An Stanrie-san. Youie must be crose to Subalu and Helr Fickie-buttbokesan! Maybe youl hemmeloid rook rike Fickie face too! LOTFRMAO!!!
  10. Itchie Crotchie


    Ord Guyie makie newie stolie! Furl of clap! Simians noie abre to hord supeliol Samalai Walliol's fundoshi! He makie Helr Solen Dickress a walliol! It isie to raugh at! Dickress no fight wayie outie of lice papel bagie! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  11. Mitsubishi A6M Zelo, the prane that win wal ovel arl of China, Bulma and lest of SE Asia!
  12. Itchie Crotchie


    Japan no rongel takie no shitsi flom Nolth Kolea Fattie Bastald Kimchi! Oul Empelol and Plime Ministel ale nowie pranning newie filst stlike capabririties! Japan no rongel waitie fol Amelican Plesident Tlump to doie somethling! Itchie comie outie of letilement to herp destloy Nolth Kolea! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!!!
  13. Itchie Crotchie


    Goodry Satulday molning Lat Bastalds! Tokio daie aheadie youie molons! Vely nicie 25C an sunnry! Havie badry daie! ROR!!!
  14. Itchie wantie alr Yankee ailmen and Boing Compaknee to be tlied fol wal climes! Chalge lat bastalds fol file bombing and nookliel attack onie civirians! Tlump payee upie! Honalabre Japanese onry askie fol 1 Tlirrion Yankee dorlals! Fakie News Tlump sklew many outie mole than thatie much fol rong time! Lussian Lat Bastalds arlso need to givie backie Kulir Isrands! Itchie pletty pissied off! Youie Tlump noie stoppie Nolth Kolea lat bastalds, then Itchie and supel pirots of alr of Japan mustie doie oulserves! Tlump Fakie Plesident! Tarkie biggie manrike, butie have rittre dickie! Noir testicres eithel! Just rike his harf-blothel Helr Solen Plick!!! Res! Itchie levear the tluth! Haa haa haa Ami molons whoie votie fol Plick's blothel! Amelika sklewed nowie biggest time! BANZAI! BANZAI! BANZAI!
  15. Itchie Crotchie


    Herro lat bastalds! Itchie stoppie by to say herro and see howie youie rousels doing! You noie gettie lid of Helr Flickie yet? Youie alr, how Yankee say, Pussie Cats? ROR!
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