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  1. Hi all, I'm about to buy a docking station for my Lenovo T61, primarily so that I can slot in a decent video card to get my sims looking and working well. The docking station has a bay for one "full height and half length" or one "low profile" PCI Express card. Am I going to be able to lay my hands on a card that fits these size requirements but still offers an appreciable increase in video performance, particularly 3D apps such as Flight Sim etc? If you can recommend any brands and models to consider I'd be most grateful. Thanks Mark
  2. kiwi_mark

    Vista blues with CFS3

    Hi all, Just got myself a shiny new Vista-based PC and - quelle surprise - it's decided it won't run CFS3. The error seems to be much reported and suffered out there in the CFS3 user base, so I'm hoping somebody will leap to my rescue here! I've seen a raft of 'solutions' online, mostly to do with running it as Admin, switching off 'emulation' and so forth. No success with any of them. My understanding is its something to do with the security tool MS used when they developed CFS3. Any and all assistance very welcome please! Cheers M