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    The future of EAW

    Since new things always break new ground, we can't expect backward compatibility (BC) on every new release. New stuff always gets attention. In time, I think the EAW Code Committee will get around to making BC work. Fun to see the old stuff and the new.
  2. Wudpecker

    Hello - Remember

    Hello, Pathfinder. Now Daz? You were the subject of many hilarious "stories"---and no doubt the author of many more. Enjoyed them. Are you up to anything legal that can be printed here? -------Wudpecker
  3. Wudpecker

    Deadline Day (No Fooling!)

    Col. Gibbon has announced this is deadline day for any add-ons to our upcoming 1.28 patch. No fooling! (Even though it is April Fools Day) At long last, the SEAWC Code Committee will begin final testing on the patch. Actual release date now depends on test results--though God knows we have tested mods of it among ourselves to the point I don't know if I want to fly EAW again--- for a long while We are not allowed to spill the beans on its contents. The changes are too many to list here anyway. But not to worry-- all your old EAW stuff will still work (it better work*!*) and it looks pretty much the same. Well, almost.
  4. Wudpecker

    A new EAW.exe for testing

    All the testing reports are great news. I see some problems remain. Currently, Mr. Jelly is working on adding his AFB exe to some of the latest EAW mods. Hoping to solve the problems. For those who got it working.... You guys are not far from having the best "patch" already! (But hang in there a while longer..... some new stuff is worth having)
  5. Wudpecker

    EAW - 1st World War

    Jan Tuma is the absolute master of aircraft damage---especially on biplanes. Check SimHQ.com (when it is back up again) in the EAW forum for his latest.
  6. Wudpecker

    All Quiet on the Western Front

    UPDATE: Testing is currently on the "ALL SELECTABLES" by Mr. Jelly. Allows flying all aircraft, including bombers. His old one required a special "jaw.ino" file for the two extra engines when flying the bombers. His new one takes care of adding engines in the regular eaw.ini file. He wants to make it easy for you guys (and any gals). Since Jel released his old version for testing, I feel safe sharing this Code Group inner secret. Testing also intense for ONLINE FLYING. Big news there--- with help from an original EAW coder, but problems remain. We are trying to hurry!
  7. Actung! Attention! All has been quiet for a reason. Rumors are true. A new EAW patch is due out shortly. Some say a week. That is optimistic. But soon. What will it do? Mainly, it will cut the boredom level we all get flying the same sim over and over. Some surprises in store. --For one thing, both online and offline flyers will find the AI pilots (Artificial Intelligence) are much smarter. Your life is in danger as never before. "Sudden death" is likely. --New online flying options. More variety. --Eye candy has been added for more immersion. "Beware the Hun in the Sun" is no joke. Runway starts with F-9 key are startling. --Sounds are startling as well. Your engine sounds as much like a WWII fighter as it is possible to get. 30 different engines. A "doppler" effect of passing aircraft is added. Overspeed in a dive puts your engine wild. You can hear as well as see your enemy and friends coming close to you. --Look out your side window and see gun muzzle flashes (or see them aimed at you). Little smoke trails follow the bullets. --EAW was always noted for the best aircraft behavior. Refinements to flight realism and teamwork continue this tradition. Warning: AI will actually defend bomber flights. --Flying boats and floatplanes. Flyable bombers. --More targets like large sea convoys and land vehicles. Don't forget they shoot back! --Many, many small irritations are fixed. For example, your engine now stops when you land after a mission. And most AI survive landings and avoid parking on top of one another. --No more unrealistic free rear views. Your rear view will be realistic (though not all aircraft have the finished views as yet). --Backward Compatibility (BC) Best of all, the old games with over 2,000 mods from Sandbagger's "Tally Ho" website will still work. BACKGROUND When Atari/Infogrames gave permission for the EAW code team to officially investigate and modify the source code two years ago, it was a puzzle. No one had all of the source code. Not even Atari, the legal successor to MicroProse who first created the flight sim. Only bits and pieces were left. Job 1: find and dope out the source code. It took most of two years. Even with official permission, the original coders were wary of sharing secrets---even if they remembered them. But some were helpful. About three months ago, the EAW Code Group put the last puzzle pieces in place. They had a working code at last. All the pent-up dreams of what they would like to fix are now possible. Coming soon to an EAW website near you.
  8. On the odd chance some folks might want the aircraft flight sounds for almost 30 different aircraft for the Finnish Air War (Per von Oben's long-awaited WWII scenario), there are three sound sets now ready for downloading. Or use them for anything you like, since some popular German and American aircraft are included. You can pick not only your aircraft, but its engine sounds-- as authentic as possible from old recordings, YouTube movies, and fly-bys at airshows. These sounds can be used today in the current Euro Air War setup by renaming them to the standard sound set. For OAW folks, you can put the re-numbered sounds into your aircraft 3dz file and it will be used automatically when the plane is used. They are designed for a new EAW sound system "ready soon" ------------ EAW standard sound set: snd0030.snd Radial Engine start snd0031.snd Radial Engine run (p-47 default) snd0034.snd In-line Engine start snd0035.snd In-line Engine run snd0038.snd Jet Engine start snd0039.snd Jet Engine runs snd0042.snd German Bombers engines--in flight only snd0043.snd U.S. Bombers engines--in flight only ---------------------- Each of the FAW set has ".wav" files included so you can hear them on the Windows Media Player. The ".snd" files are already converted for EAW use as soon as numbers are put in this format: snd0000.snd The full set is intended for all 30 "default" aircraft for FAW in the new EAW sound system under development right now. Some are numbered for that system. 1st set-- http://rapidshare.com/files/67287222/1_FAW_PACK.zip.html 2nd set-- http://rapidshare.com/files/69327200/1-_FAW_PAK_2.zip.html Ilyushin IL-2 single set http://rapidshare.com/files/69449427/ILyushin.zip.html 3rd set -- http://rapidshare.com/files/69759551/1-_FAW_PAK_3.zip.html ---------------------------- Here's the aircraft sound list (some have numbers attached as examples of the new sound system. These can be changed): Set 1 A20 HAVOC RUN.SND A20 HAVOC STARTUP.SND A20 RUN.wav A20 Startup.wav BLENHEIM 1 MERC START.SND Blenheim 1 Merc START.wav BLENHEIM RUN.SND BLENHEIM RUN.wav BLENHIM IV RUN.SND Blenhim IV RUN.wav BLENHIM IV START.SND Blenhim IV Start.wav BREWSTER BUFF RUN.SND BREWSTER BUFF START.SND Brewster BUFF START.wav Brewster Buffalo RUN.wav CURTISS HAWK RUN.SND Curtiss Hawk RUN.wav Curtiss Hawk START.wav CURTISS HAWK-Start.SND FIAT G-50 CR-32 RUN.SND FIAT G-50 Cr-32 RUN.wav FIAT G-50 CR-32 START.SND FIAT G-50 Cr-32 START.wav GLADIATOR MERC RUN.SND GLADIATOR MERC START.SND GLADMerc RUN.wav GLADMerc Start.wav JU-87 SND0114 start.wav JU-87 SND0114.SND JU-87 SND0115 run.wav JU-87 SND0115.SND JU-88 A SND0110.SND JU-88 A SND0110.WAV JU-88 A Snd0111.SND JU-88 A SND0111.WAV LA7 STARTUP SND00.SND La7 Startup SND00.wav La-7 RUN SND00.wav LA-7 RUN SND00.SND LAGG RUN SND00 .SND LaGG RUN Snd00 SND.wav LAGG STARTUP Snd00 .SND LaGG Startup Snd00 .wav Me 109G SND0094.SND Me 109G SND0094.wav Me 109G SND0095.SND Me 109G SND0095.WAV Morane S SND0034.SND Morane S SND0035.SND Morane-S 406 RUN.wav Morane-S 406Start1.wav P-39 Airacobra Run2.wav P-39 AIRACOBRA RUN.SND P-39 AIRACOBRA START.SND P-39 Airacobra start.wav P-40 RUN.SND P-40 RUN.wav P-40 Start mod.wav P-40 START.SND ----------------- Set 2 HISPANO SUIZA-START.SND Hispano Suiza-START.wav HISPANO-SUIZA RUN.SND Hispano-Suiza RUN.wav PETLYAKOV PE-2 RUN.SND Petlyakov PE-2 RUN.wav PETLYAKOV PE-2 START.SND Petlyakov PE-2 START.wav POLIKAROV I-153 RUN.SND Polikarov I-153 RUN.wav POLIKAROV I-153 START.SND Polikarov I-153 START.wav POLIKARPOV I-16 RUN.SND Polikarpov I-16 RUN.wav POLIKARPOV I-16 START.SND Polikarpov I-16 Start.wav TUPOLEV START.SND Tupolev START.wav TUPOLEV SB (ANT- 40 RUN.SND Tupolev SB (ANT- 40 RUN.wav YAK -9 RUN.SND Yak -9 Run.wav YAK RUN 1.SND YAK RUN 1.wav YAK START 5SECS.SND YAK start 5secs.wav YAK START.SND Yak Start.wav ----------------- Ilyushin set -2 recording.wav IL-2 RUN2-props.wav IL-2 RUN.SND IL-2 RUN.wav IL-2 START.SND IL-2 START.wav ILYUSHIN LATER RUN.SND ILyushin later RUN.wav ILYUSHIN TYPE1 START.SND ILyushin type1 START.wav ILYUSHIN TYPE2 START.SND ILyushin type2 START.wav --------------------- Set 3 Fokker CX + Fokker DXXI start/run Dornier 17Z-2 (DO-17 ) start/run La-5 (La-7 very similar) start/run Mig-3 start/run --------- by Wudpecker
  9. Wudpecker

    Rotton50's floatplanes

    Coming soon to a computer near you....
  10. Wudpecker

    EAW - 1st World War

    Hi, Twitch. I'm a newbie on this forum (if an old hand at SimHQ.com EAW forum) Spanish Air War is UP! Pobs did it at last--years in the making. Second one from the left if you go to Sandbagger's "Frontlines" page for game campaigns http://www.sandbaggereaw.com/AWSfront.html