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  1. Ill check it out now. What about those game settings?
  2. Armed Assault. Basically, OFP2006 is an addon for Operation Flashpoint??? Why is the year next to OFP 2006, is that new wersion of the game? I have "OFP: Game of the year" and patched to 1.96 How can i install it and where can i get this addon? Ontopic: On what setting do you mean? Where do i go to look at those settings?
  3. Thanks for replies guys. Ok, this is what i do. I place one unit on the map, me. i make one waypoint for this unit, set it to 'move' and i enable, "always show" option but when i go and preview my mission i dont see anything on the screen. @Stag What is that game that is first in first picture you have in your signature? :D
  4. Hi im new on the forum here. I started to play this game again few days ago and i started to make some of my own missions. Well because im new in mission editing i have some problems. I found this page while looking for tutorials about mission editing. So, my first question is: When playing a single player game most of the time i can see marker on the screen where i must go to complete my mission and the remaining meters are also displayed. I made a screenshot showing this maker im talking about . So, how can i make that marker to show up in my own missions My second question is how to make that the player is displayed on the map? In single player you can see the red mark for the player on the map, but when im in mission i made, there is nothing showed on the map except the markers i made.
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