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    Here are My Alts and Manifestations ( I have many because of the Account I share with Luz) <br /><br />Josue Shrub -- Grd<br />Rhyll -- Chp<br />Aerhenev --Cpt<br />Bregolam -- Minstrel<br />Joshi -- Chp<br />Brennom -- LM (I think that's how to spell his name--)<br />LuzStella -- Minstrel<br />

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  1. in case you don't believe him ... I'm just adding that I was actually told this by a nasa engineer. very very true story had a science teacher/vietnam vet tell me that what he learned in the army is that the gov't will spend as much money as possible on anything, except the thing that will actually solve the problem.
  2. :D Hi -- lost your number ... Lost the kin :(

    Have a Happy New Year!!

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