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Found 4 results

  1. Thank you everyone in advance - i am sure you get these all the time. I have been lurking in forums and drooling at screen shots for 20 years. I used to actually beta test for Jane's adn Andy Hollis (Apache), EF2000 (anyone remember "LawnDarting(tm)" bug?), TAW, and some activision games. At my height I had (still have) the original thrusmaster sticks with that ancient joystick plug. I also loved Jane's Sims and the arcade ones too. Why I loved EF2000/TAW: Dynamic Campaign. The idea in these missions what you did and your AI counterparts mattered - why I obsessively tried t
  2. Hot on the heels of the TAW 2.30 final release, I've released my Total Air War TARGET profile v2.0 (Box.com). This profile integrates either the HOTAS Cougar or the HOTAS Warthog with the Cougar MFDs, though you can use this profile without the MFDs and still get over 90% of the functionality. Note: Version 2.0 of this profile is also included with TAW 2.30. Features of this profile include: Compatibility with both the Cougar and Warthog Context sensitive command mapping to switches emulate discrete settings as much as possible. CommState routine allows for the select
  3. Yes, D3D9 effects are possible in TAW with the use of a D3D9 Injector called SweetFX. I have tested this to work with both nGlide and dgVoodoo in D3D9 mode. The program can also be installed in the TAW folder and not have any adverse effects when using the D3D EXE (which is D3D5) or dgVoodoo in D3D7 mode. Here are some comparative screenshots taken at 1000 game time. I used nGlide with 1.1 Gamma, so the "before" screenshots may look a little bleached. I went a bit overboard on Vibrance, Bloom, and HDR in order to demonstrate the capabilities. I also noticed no drop at all in frames whi
  4. Current Version: 2.30 Total Air War 2.0 is a total conversion of F-22 Total Air War (TAW), and also includes the campaigns from F-22 Air Dominance Fighter (ADF) and the Red Sea Operations (RSO) expansion disc. The goal of TAW 2.0 is to provide a simulation experience that equals or surpasses your fond memories with the original ADF and TAW. TAW 2.30 provides compatibility with newer operating systems without requiring Windows XP Compatibility Mode. Barring bugs or major breakthroughs, this is expected to the the last release for a while. However, if anybody has something they woul
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