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Found 1 result

  1. Hi there! I've started work on a little side project and figured I'd share some progress updates here. It's a simulator for the F117A in the style of the old Microprose DOS game: I always had a soft spot for those graphics as well as the stealth gameplay in that title. The different radar types and associated tactics required weren't particularly realistic, but they were fun and engaging. With that in mind I started mapping out my goals: A large procedural terrain, flat vector graphics, low poly models, not too much emphasis on accurate realism BUT no simplistic arcade game either. I have to remain realistic as to how much time I can put into this and how difficult some of the tasks will be. I started with the terrain engine, worked on the scale of things as well as the overall visuals: I posted this on simhq and got some nice positive feedback, so I started work on this in earnest. Here's some shots of sea vessels with mesh-based lights: Here's a video of takeoff and flight along with the first version of the SAM radar simulation, RWR sound system, and guided missiles: And here's the latest video showing a ground based SAM vehicle with turret rotation: I'm going to go for a very approachable flight sim here: HOTAS works fine, but keyboard+mouse input is also very much usable. Heck you can even fly JUST with the keyboard. Avoinics won't be 100% accurate, I am going to take a lot of liberties in the interest of gameplay. I do like the idea of having an optional realism setting that forces realistic loadouts and other restrictions, but the default mode will include a (very limited) AA loadout. I have experience with implementing VR support so that is not out of the question, but I'm not adding that until lateron. I also would love to have some cooperative (or even versus) multiplayer support down the road. Again I have experience with that (I implemented my own lobby system and all that) but I'm not going to focus on that for now. I know what to look for to avoid making multiplayer impossible to add though. I've got one chap who offered to make a cockpit model for me, but I'm very much looking for more help. So if anyone's interested, please shoot me a message!
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