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Found 1 result

  1. Given that the subject mission was included with the Flaming Cliffs 3 package from DCS, I was surprised to find what I believe are quite a few errors in the mission that render it unworkable and, most likely, unwinnable. In at least two cases incorrect units are being activated. In another case, the wrong unit is being tracked for entry into a trigger zone. The condition "FLAG IS MORE" was used when it should have been "FLAG IS TRUE" in another instance. Finally, the CAS2 orbit was set up such that they would never fly through the trigger zone that would allow their activation (or the trigger zone was placed between the wrong waypoints). Finally, the return and nearby bases were set to neutral, which would disallow repair and rearming. This might have been intentional. I suppose that with judicial use of your wingman and available CAS units, this mission could be won without rearming, but maybe not. I certainly could be wrong about some of these things, but in some cases the errors are pretty clear. If you wish, you can download a modified version of this mission with the above changes. I have yet to win this mission, so there might be other things lurking, but I have gone over it fairly thoroughly now. One additional change that I make for myself since I'm still very green is to eliminate the two SAM batteries and give myself at least a fighting chance (that change was not made in the linked version). I hope this helps anyone who might be interested. Also, I'm very open to strategy advice on this one. It seems success is highly dependent upon proper use of your available assets, mainly in terms of when they get activated. Thanks, Skeeter Download link: http://www.poweredmodelairplanes.com/FC3-A-10A-Gory_Gori_Corrected.miz
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