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Found 1 result

  1. Lately, I've been putting Wrench's EA-6B templates to good use in creating Prowler skins, but the lion's share of my work has been creating the logos for each of the EA-6B squadrons (USN and USMC). I have created Hi-color as well as low visibility (dark and light) insignia, along with CAG markings that differ from the standard Hi-color markings. All of the squadrons have been added to SquadronList.ini, with EA-6B entries starting at 455. This leaves plenty of room for other add-on squadrons or TK patches. All of the following birds use the same skin; any variation is in decals only. This keeps with the modular nature of the A-6 Superpack. You will also notice the use of canopy decals in a number of cases as well. Here are the squadrons in order, from VAQ-129 through VAQ-142, and VAQ-209. The USMC squadrons have been completed, but are not displayed here because the skins are still in the works. I'm particularly proud of this one (VAQ-140) Finally, you may notice the implementation of Russouk's lights via Fakepilot, allowing for additional nav lights. The white tail light has also been added to the rudder, with the A-6 retrofitted with this light as well. Now if somebody can hook me up with some working slimers, I'll really be in business. That, and if anybody can provide assistance with adjusting the ALQ-99 in the data.ini files to account for each variant then release of the EA-6B pack should be within a couple of weeks. The EA-6B pack will require that the A-6 Superpack be installed.
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