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Found 2 results

  1. I own original copies of: EF2000 Evolution (EF2000 + TACTCOM) Super EF2000 F22 TAW I want to set up a flightsim project at the school I work at installing first Super EF2000, and then once we get better work station PCs with graphics cards, EF2000 Reloaded and F22 TAW v2. I understand that DID games like EF2000 and F22 TAW are not abandonware (?). Q) For multiple installs of these original sims and the community extentions what are the licence requirements, is is sufficient to just have disks of the original sims?
  2. Hot on the heels of my Total Air War profile, and inspired by Magic Mikew's recent EF2000 renaissance, I have put together a beta TARGET profile which is now included in EF2000 Reloaded. While the profile can be used with the HOTAS alone, use of the MFDs are recommended, because the MFDs allow for discrete states of the radar, allow MFD functionality from the cockpit mode for buttons with hotkey assignments, and now allows use of the MFD buttons to press any MFD button while zoomed in! Features of this profile include: Fully funtional MFDs when zoomed in, and partially functional MFDs while in cockpit view. Context sensitive command mapping to switches emulate discrete settings as much as possible. CommState routine allows for the selection of 1 through 8 with Hats 2 and 3 while the COMM switch is pressed. More precisely-mapped throttle allows linear function below afterburner detent, with throttle frozen at “MIL” while within limits of the afterburner detent. Afterburner is engaged above the AB detent, and disengaged halfway between the AB detent boundaries. Autopilot routine that can be discretely engaged or disengaged from any mode, with context sensitive S1 employment based on the current autopilot mode. LED indications for autopilot, autothrottle, airbrake, landing gear, refueling mode, CommSwitch, and Teamspeak3 PTT. Compatible with VAC. HAT1 can be POV or Trim, but always slews TIALD when zoomed into MFD2. HOTAS mappings set to thematically match F-16C and MFDs to in-game EF2000 as closely as possible. Intelligent Radar functions allow flexibility and logic with cycling and discretely selecting options. Refueling mode dampens controller respopnse for operations around the tanker. Optional differential braking even without toe brakes on your rudder pedals. As with the TAW profile, the toe brake features have yet to be implemented. Here is the graphic layout of the HOTAS controller: And the MFDs: I look forward to your feedback. Any input to improve the profile is greatly appreciated.
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