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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, joined this forum for specific help? Been trying to find a decent combat sim where you can fly and fight the F35. Couldn't find any you can download online or any new but I managed to puchase a couple of vintage sims which I found on Ebay and Amazon and they came from the States, I'm in UK. First one was Eidos JSF. Graphics are great and the flight physics seem ok but the gameplay is aweful and most of the JSF's air to ground weapons less sophisticated than a B17! Still had some fun flying it around. Next up Jetfighter V. When it arrived it was a disk only, no manual etc, but I'm using Windows 10 and it loaded up fine. Weapons are better although apart from Maverick with the LANTIRN pod which works well still only free fall bombs, not even Paveway II, but the gameplay is better and the terrain graphics outside a real military sim probably the best Ive seen. Prob is with no manual I cant get any external views, of my own plane, the enemy (apart from via LANTIRN) or weapons in flight. All I can see is pilots view? Surely this must be wrong. Can anyone help? I have tried every possible keyboard combination with no joy, if they put so much effort into the graphics engine you must be able to get external views? Matt
  2. What a way to Christen the new forum! An announcement of a new DCS World module, and an ambitious one at that. Kinney Interactive has announced that he/they will be doing the DCS F-35A. They appear to have a good resume of sim building, though their experience is more real world than PC (and this is probably a good thing given the complexity of the JSF). Wags has confirmed this in the ED forums, and there appears to be a lively discussion where David Kinney himself (as eagle13) is answering questions.
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